Morning Glory by Sarah Jio

October 28, 2013

Sarah Jio is by far one of my favorite authors! When I was granted the permission to review the advanced copy I was more than excited to start on this book right away. This is my 5th book I have read by her -  4 I own, and I have already pre-ordered this one since I knew it wouldn’t disappoint!
I love the style in which Sarah writes her books: the characters she vividly describes, the emotions they experience, and the environment in which it takes place is written in a very detailed way which makes it a perfect read for any reader. She writes in a way that truly gets you involved in the story! I couldn’t help but want to drop everything I was doing on the weekend just to finish it!
This is a heartwarming story of love and loss. There are 2 main characters in the story: Penny Wentworth, a 1950’s housewife, and Ada Santorini, editor of Sunrise magazine. Penny seems to have it all: an artist husband who takes care of her even when he is absent, a beautiful home (a houseboat they live on), and she has a genuine sweet-hearted nature for those around her. However, when she disappears after a party no one on Boat Street will speak of what happened.
Then there is Ada Santorini. Ada has lost everything: her husband and her precious little girl. Leaving the memories behind, she quits her fancy New Year job and moves to Seattle into a houseboat on Boat Street. There she finds mystery, a community, and maybe a new love. Will she solve the mystery of boat street and re-build her life at the same time?
The story ends with an unexpected twist that leaves the reader EXTREMELY satisfied. Morning Glory was another fabulous love story, DEFINITELY a must read!!! I look forward to adding this to my Sarah Jio book collection!


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