A March Bride

February 25, 2014

A March Bride
By: Rachel Hauck
E book Format Only

In Once Upon A Prince, couple Susanna and Nathaniel overcame obstacles to be together. He's going to be King of Brighton, and she's a commoner from the United States. However, true love- and faith in God- helped them leap over every obstacle put in their way. But, while they did get their "happy ever after" in Once Upon A Prince, the rough waters aren't over. In A March Bride, Susanna and Nathaniel have tough decisions to make. While Susanna has had to make numerous changes, there are still more ahead. Can she make them? Or, has she been asked to give up one too many things? 

In the midst of planning their March wedding in Brighton, Susanna has been learning everything she can about Brighton laws. Nathaniel has been acting more and more distant, and she fears he's regretting proposing to her. But she's wrong. In fact, Nathaniel is fearing that she's regretting saying yes. And he's fearful she'll leave when he tells her the newest requirement being put on her: renounce her American citizenship.  

Her head reeling from this latest demand is the last straw. More and more people from her side are saying they can't attend the royal nuptials. Susanna is wondering if this all is a sign that she shouldn't marry Nathaniel. Needing answers she can't find in Brighton, Susanna flees to her family on American soil- leaving her engagement ring behind.

Family members, on both sides, do what family does best. Both are reminded how much they love each other and the blessing each received when they came into their lives. However, it takes the wisdom of the local church Pastor to put everything in perspective for Susanna. Reminding her that she's focusing on the wrong thing: citizenship to any country isn't important, since she's a citizen of God's kingdom first and foremost. Their conversation has Susanna racing to get back to Brighton so she can  get everything back on track. But, Nathaniel isn't there. 

This short, but romance packed novella is one you will enjoy reading. God's word is laced throughout the whole story putting everything into it's proper perspective. The most romantic act Nathaniel can think of may cost him political trouble, but it's worth it to him. Susanna and Nathaniel bring a true, unconditional love to life for the reader. I loved how prevalent scripture was in the story; reminding everyone what the focus of their lives should always be. That, and life doesn't always go the way you think it should- or would.

Fans of Rachel Hauck will embrace this novella. It will make you feel empowered, and happy, all at the same time. It was wonderful to revisit Susanna and Nathaniel's story. I loved how Rachel brings the whole Royal-falling-for-a commoner story into real life- with all the realities it comes with. I bet Princess Kate could relate to this story very well.


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