What Follows After by Dan Walsh

April 27, 2014

In October 1962, Colt Harrison and his little brother, Timmy, hatched a plan. They would run away from their Florida home, head for their aunt's house in Savannah, Georgia, and refuse to come home until their parents got back together. But things go terribly, terribly wrong. Colt's mother and father must come to grips with years of neglect and mistrust in order to recover their beloved sons, their love for one another, and their broken marriage. 

In this emotional story, Dan Walsh takes readers on a jo
urney to rediscover the things that matter most in life--love, truth, and family.

I can honestly say I couldn't put this book down! This was an amazing read and Dan Walsh really has an amazing way of telling a story and the transitions between one scene to the next. I felt connected with the characters and could easily relate to them. This book allows you to determine what is really important in life and to learn your priorities. One of my favorite lines was one which was said at the end, "No one fixes broken things better than God." And I couldn't agree more! 

Set in the 1960's, Colt and his little brother Timmy decide to leave school after their mom drops them off. They take a bus to visit their Aunt and Uncle which would end up being a couple hour drive for them. They stop at a cafe and after Colt goes to the bathroom, he returns to find that Timmy is gone. A man with comic books apparently bribed Timmy away and they ended up getting on a different bus. After the FBI gets involved, they learn the main reason the boys ran away: apparently his parents have been separated close to a year now. The family has been living a lie in public (school, family events, etc) acting like a perfect family. After a Christmas party 10 months earlier, everything changed for their family. Will this kidnapping situation bring them together as a family or end things completely? 

This book had me on the edge of my seat! I kept telling myself after the next chapter I would stop for the night, well a couple chapters later I was still reading. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I look forward to reading more! 


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