Wish You Were Here

June 1, 2015

Summer is a great time to dive into a romance! Here's a romance we think you may enjoy!

Wish You Were Here
By: Phillipa Ashley
287 Pages

Eight years ago, Jack Thornfield and Beth Allen met. Three weeks was enough time for both to fall in love with the other. However, once their vacation was over, life caused the romance to be over as well. But, they never forgot each other- or truly got over each other. What would happen if they were to meet up again? Could past hurts be healed? Or is the past really in the past?

Phillipa Ashley is a wonderful romance storyteller. You connect with her characters, and find yourself routing for them. She weaves a story you are pulled into, and they are magical. In Wish You Were Here, she does so well what she always has. She makes you fall in love with her characters as they fall in love with each other.

Jack Thornfield runs a company called Big Outdoors. They don't offer your average vacation get away. However, if you want to white water raft on your vacation, they have you covered. Once the domination company in their field, Big Outdoors has taken a hit from their competitors. Jack is looking to recapture the number one spot, but he needs fresh ideas to do it. 

Beth Allen is interviewing for a job. Prepared to suggest new vacation ideas, and marketing methods to bring in more revenue, Beth is ready to give the interview of her lifetime. What she wasn't ready for was to see Jack.  How could she work for a company with her ex in charge? The man who broke her heart by never hearing from him again? But, she has no choice. In order to help her family, she needs to take the job.

Both Jack and Beth never really got over each other. True, they moved on. True, they have had other relationships since their amazing 3 weeks together. But, nothing came close to the love they shared. Working hard to push old feelings aside, they out their focus on the company. But everything changes when both go back to the place they fell in love at. While testing out a possible vacation set up to offer clients, they also test old feelings. 

This book was a great, light, fun read. It would be great company to have on the beach, or at the pool. 

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