Mary Poppins

June 4, 2010

Mary Poppins
P.L. Travers
209 pages** (my copy)

When Mary Poppins lands on the doorstep of the Banks residence no one knows what's in store. There is never a dull moment when Mary's around and things are usually not what they seem.

An east wind bring Mary Poppins to a house in need of a nanny to 4 children: Jane, Michael and twin babies John and Barbara. As soon as the eldest Banks children see her slide up the stairs they are entranced. Mary, with her host of friends and family take the children (and you) on one adventure after another.

When Mary introduces someone, you never know who you're meeting. But you do know they will be extraordinary in some way. The Match-Man (Burt) pulls her into a chalk drawing he made and they proceed to have their regular tea date. Although nothing about it is regular. Mr. Wigg, her Uncle Albert, becomes full of laughing gas every year on his birthday. Mrs. Curry runs a gingerbread store. She has an interesting feature: her fingers. Everyday they taste different and if you eat them it's OK because they grow back.

The adventures aren't limited to humans, though. Animals get in on the action as well. Andrew, the neighbor's dog, is a pampered dog who longs to be normal. When he befriends a dog his owner doesn't like, Mary is forced to translate the ultimatum he issues. There is the dancing cow who knew Mary's mother. She started to dance one night, but couldn't stop. And when Michael finds a box on the sidewalk it leads them on a trip around the world. They meet an animal from the north, south, east, and west. Just to mention a few.

Between a Christmas shopping trip like no other, involving a little girl like no other, to seeing what happens with the animals when the zoo closes, Mary Poppins is not lacking in charm and adventure. While it isn't my favorite of the four books in the series (there are 4 in all), it is a fun trip through one author's imagination.


Irena @ This Miss Loves to Read on June 5, 2010 at 2:49 AM said...

A lovely review! Mary Poppins is cool.;) Thanks for sharing!

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