Family Ties

August 1, 2010

Family Ties
By: Danielle Steel
336 Pages

When Annie Ferguson inherits her nieces and nephew after a tragic accident kills their parents, every one's life changes. Annie, who was on the verge of claiming the future for herself, now becomes the Mother didn't expect to be. After devoting her adult life to them, they have become grown ups themselves. Now what is Annie to do? Is she too late find the love?

This book had such potential. However, in my opinion, Danielle didn't deliver. When the story gets going, the children are all grown up and living their own lives. It was touching to read how close knit everyone was, but that's about it. I never even finished the book because the storyline just couldn't keep me interested. Maybe I'm one of those readers who would have been more interested in how everyone survived the deaths and grew up. I don't know. I just know that less than 200 pages in I didn't care to see how it all went from A to Z.

The nephew having a relationship with his assistant law professor was cheesy to me. To make matters worse was how the professor became an obsessed, clingy, desperate woman after their first night together. Seeing how he catered to her drama was a big issue with me. She's a mother of 2 young kids herself and threatening to kill herself if he left her. What the hell?! He didn't know how he felt and never had teh balls to tell her flat out. Instead, he just didn't argue with her when she'd tell him. Sorry, nothing about that storyline did anything for me.

You also have your token family rebel. She's got piercings and tattoos. She marches to the beat of her own drummer. All fine and good, not everyone is meant to travel the same road. And then you have the daughter who is the commitment phobe. She gets involved with a guy in the same industry she's in and he cheats on her, of course.

Very little about this book- what I read of it- was unpredictable. I knew how it was going to end, but didn't care to see how everyone got to their designated ending. As I feared it would be, this book was a disappointment. In fact, it marks the first time I ever stopped reading a Danielle Steel book before finishing. Here's hoping for better luck with her next one.

Rating: Borrow From Library


Sverige on March 8, 2012 at 9:09 PM said...

I loved this novel. The combination of family saga focused on supporting adult children incorporated with romance was very entertaining to me. And oh the romance was Danielle Steel at her best.

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