Jen's Christmas- Revenge of the Christmas Box

December 9, 2010

Revenge of the Christmas Box: A Parody
By: Cathy E. Crimmons & Tom Maeder

Okay, I'm all for parodies- when they're funny. This one was just wrong. Not offensive wrong, but just wrong. When I discovered this book at my library, I thought it was going to be funny. I couldn't wait to read it. As soon as I picked it up from the library I dug right into it. 30 something pages later, I put it down. Yeah, it was disturbing- in my opinion. In all the ways I thought this book could parody The Christmas Box, I didn't think this was the direction they would take.

Revenge of the Christmas Box is a collection of little parodies based on the actual book. For those who aren't familiar with The Christmas Box, it's about a family who moves into an elderly lady's home to help her take care of it. As I said, I love a good parody. This is not a book of good parodies.

Take the little parody called The Christmas Icebox. This is the story of a lady who kept her daughter criogenically (sp?) frozen in a tube in her attic. OK. However, The Christmas Boxing Helena remains the most disturbing one- by far. In this story a cardiovascular surgeon places an ad for a couple to live in his home. Looking back, his ad should have been a tip off. When asked why he retired so early, his response was he did so for love. Well, his "love" is right there in his attic. She's alive, though I don't know how well. She's in a box- with no arms or legs. It seems the surgeon cut those off. The surgeon also teaches the husband how to do this so he can do the same to his wife. Yeah. Like I said, the book was just wrong.

I don't even know if you can get this book anymore without buying it used. B&N online doesn't have any new copies available. I found this book in my library's listings when I was checking to see if they had The Christmas Box.

Rating: Return It!


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