March 25, 2011

By: Anna Godbersen
405 Pages

Elizabeth deals with the aftermath of losing Will. Diana and Henry want to be together, but will Penelope allow it to happen? Claire's money source dies, but did he leave her anything in his will? See what happens when jealousy takes over and the lengths it will go to.

#3 in the Luxe series was every bit as good as the others have been. Envy finds Penelope finally wed to Henry, though their life isn't as she hoped it would be. She may be happy, but her dear hubby is not. Henry's heart still belongs to Diana. When Penelope schemes to accompany Henry on a fishing trip to Florida, he one ups his wife y telling Diana he wants her there. Penelope is forced to accept that Henry's feelings for Diana are not going to go away easily. And while she may be able to handle Diana, can she really scheme to keep her husband when he makes a life-changing decision.

Elizabeth still mourns the loss of her love, and secret husband, Will. Society is beginning to wonder when she'll re-emerge, and she's in no rush to do so. However, when Penelope invites her on a trip to Florida, Elizabeth is forced to go when her mother accepts for her. Elizabeth takes Diana with her. While in Florida she begins to feel slight interest for her old friend Teddy. But everything changes when she makes another discovery. Will Teddy be her night in shining armor?

Claire has been benefiting from the kindness (and money) of Carey Lewis Longhorn. Instead of staying with him in New York when he becomes sick, Claire accompanies her friend Penelope to Florida. While she's gone, Longhorn dies. Claire is summoned back to New York and promptly stripped of most the things Longhorn gave her. Sent out to the bitter cold with next to nothing, is this the end of Claire's social-climbing dreams? Or does Longhorn's will change her life?

Envy was every bit as good as I hoped it would be. I look forward to seeing how the series ends in the #4-and final- book.

Rating: Buy It


Irena @ This Miss Loves to Read on March 25, 2011 at 12:56 PM said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed Envy! This is a great series, isn't it? I have to say that Envy is favourite one in the series. I fell for Teddy in this one.:) He became my favourite boy of the series in Envy. I hope you'll enjoy Splendour, too!

Jen on March 25, 2011 at 1:55 PM said...

I can't decide if I liked this one or the first book better. Both were soo good. I can seewhy you fell for Teddy- he's such a good guy to love. I was bummed they didn't get together in the end. However, there is one bookleft. I oculd be in for a surprise.

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