Barcelona Calling

October 1, 2011

Barcelona Calling
By: Jane Kirkpatrick
320 Pages

Annie Shaw wants to make her new book the success her 2 previous ones weren't. Easy way to do that is to go on Oprah. But first, you have to get her attention...

Annie Shaw is a writer who has one successful release to her credit and two not-so-successful releases under her belt. She and her friends decide they need to get Annie's book on the Oprah show. From adopting a dog to getting a car stickered as a walking ad for the new book, Annie tries numerous things to achieve the goal she has set. However, none of them go quite the way they were supposed to.

I always enjoy reading about a character's attempts that go awry, and Annie Shaw has her share of them. There was the plan of posing as a maintenance worker so she could leave her book at a radio station. Hiding out in the bathroom wasn't part of the plan, but nor was 2 men mistaking the women's bathroom for the men's. Or the theory that using the same dog groomer Oprah used would be a sure fire way to get Oprah's attention. It did the job- but only because Annie's dog flipped out a little & got all the other dogs there to help destroy the place. And I couldn't leave out Annie's last ditch effort to get Oprah's attention. She decides to buy an old clunker of a car and give it a makeover: she turns it into a walking ad of her book for Oprah. Too bad the car caught fire... and took Annie's eyebrows with it.

Barcelona Calling is cute and charming, but not gripping. It wasn't a book I couldn't put down or couldn't wait to get back to. The book is cute, but not one you won't forget. Sadly, I don't see this book appearing on the New York Times Bestseller list. I just don't think this book is able to stand out among all the other choices of books it has to compete with.

Rating: Borrow From The Library


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