Head Over Heel: Seduced By Southern Italy

October 11, 2011

Head Over Heel: Seduced By Southern Italy
By: Chris Harrison
320 Pages

I have always loved reading what I called "destination books". These are books that take you different countries in the story. Since I can't afford to travel abroad, I get to "travel" through the characters. A match made in Heaven, if you ask me.

Through Head Over Heel, I get to venture my way through southern Italy- one of my favorite places to explore. Between the beautiful scenery, delicious foods, and embracing customs I jump at any chance to read a book taking place in Italy. This book was no disappointment. Mr. Harrison has a talent for turning the supportive characters from people I will never meet to people I feel like I've known. He has an amazing talent for telling a story that pulls you in and holds you there..

Chris Harrison falls in love in an instant. But not just with anyone, a woman who is about to go back to her home country of Italy. Eventually he joins her there and the fun begins. You get to see how an Australian adjusts to life in a foreign country with customs very different from his own. Between the lax airport security to the slow pace of the Italian police you will have a pleasant read on your hands. More than once I chuckled at his descriptions and events that unfolded for him. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did.

Rating: Borrow From The Library/ Buy It


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