July 10, 2012

By: Jillian Larkin
306 Pages

The 3rd book in Jillian Larkin's wonderful Flappers series doesn't disappoint. Nor does it lack in drama. The action moves from Chicago to New York as the group tries to put the past behind them and forge new lives for themselves. However, they all learn that leaving the past in the past is far easier said than done.

Jerome is in New York working as a piano player at the coolies club in New York, The Chaise Lounge. Well he was until protesters cause such a fuss. In one night, Jerome becomes unemployed and abandoned on a country road when Gloria's Father dumps him there.

Gloria sits in prison awaiting her trial. However, the FBI have a deal for her: find out where Forrest Hamilton is getting his money from and get her freedom. She befriends the man, who quickly knows what's she's up to. But this job is anything than what she expected. She becomes friends with Forrest and does learn where he gets the money from- in a shocking twist of events.

Clara is still in New York and is still brokenhearted from her break-up with Marcus. Still writing her now famous column, Gloria is rapidly growing tired of the constant partying. Especially when it fails to distract her Marcus's new engagement. Can she let her ex marry a con artist, or can she save him the heartache? Can these two lovebirds find their way back to each other, or is the damage beyond repair?

Lorraine is still the outcast of the group. But, when she discovers that Marcus's fiance is a fraud she enlists Clara's help to expose her. The two forge an unlikely friendship with a mission at hand.

Book #3 was a page turner I didn't want to put down. Jillian Larkin does a superb job of taking you back in time to the world of Speakeasies, Flappers, & the roaring 20s. You grow more attached to your familiar characters while meeting new ones you won't soon forget. The ending is nothing short of dramatic and delicious. 


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