Halloween Reading- The Phantom of The Opera

October 10, 2012

It's the story known by millions. The story told on the Stage and lived out in several movies. I was shocked to find out how many people didn't know it was a book first. Well, it was and a very good one, too. Within these pages you get to visit the Paris Opera. Plagued with rumors of a Phantom living within it's walls, you get to read for yourself what is true or not. You are taken on an incredible journey and into the bowels of a famous opera house to see just who has made it so famous- and how. Love, control, and obsession all take turns wreaking havoc and making you see things in a different light. Here you meet the man behind the haunting and see what makes him tick. By the time you read the last page you will be on the edge of your seat and gripped to story of The Phantom and Christine.

Have you ever read a book and wondered how the author came up with the story they wrote? Turns out, Gaston Leroux didn't create this unforgettable story completely on his own. While working as a reporter, Gaston heard of strange events occurring in the Paris Opera House. He decides to investigate the famous opera house, and see for himself what there was to see. Upon his visit in the 1880s, Gaston even went to the underground lake where the Phantom was believed to live. It was there he found skeletons.
The Phantom of the Opera was published first in 1911, but to a disappointing welcome. The book's luck turned when it became a serialization in French, English, and American newspapers. This new success led to a movie being made in 1925. The opera house in the novel is based from none other than the world renowned Paris Opera House.


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