Girl Vs Earl

March 29, 2013

Girl Vs Earl
By: Phillipa Ashley

Miranda Marshall has dedicated loving years of her life managing the St Merryns Castle. It's walls have become a home to her. Jago is the owner of the castle who has come back after years abroad. When the two meet, an instant attraction is felt by both. But what Miranda soon learns is that Jago has come back to sell the castle. Will their attraction turn into something more? Can Miranda change Jago's mind? Can they both let go of their pasts so they can have a future?

Miranda Marshall has been the dedicated manager of the St Merryns Castle for several years. Within it's walls she has come to find all that her own childhood lacked. Many of her fellow employees have become like her family.

Jago is the actual owner of the Castle- having inherited it from his father. He has finally returned after spending several years abroad. While the Castle is a place of happiness for Miranda, it isn't for Jago. When his Mother summons him to take over he decides the time has come to sell it.

Miranda and Jago first meet in the armory room. Both feel an instant attraction. However, everything changes when Miranda learns of Jago's intentions for the Castle. As Jago proceeds with the sale, the attraction between them grows. Many close calls have the two fighting their feelings to avoid the inevitable pain. For both Jago and Miranda have pasts they've been carrying with them. Their bond grows and, as time goes by, everything changes.

I enjoyed Girl Vs Earl. Phillipa Ashley tells a story you get pulled into, while giving you characters you can't get enough of. My favorite was Jago. I love a good bad boy who buries his heart of gold. He's got the whole sarcastic, charming personality that is multi-layered.  Just when you think you have him figured out, he throws a curve ball at you.

The whole Miranda/Jago dynamic was great. You could feel the tension between them and the desires they fought. As I read their scenes, I can visualize their arguments playing out; his sarcastic responses to her. I could picture them on the beach. I could see them rowing the boat they stole- complete with Jago singing funny songs at the top of his lungs. I was able to thoroughly envision the scenes where their attraction took over. They were great characters to pin against each other. It's very safe to say, I will never look at an armory room the same way again.

Phillipa Ashley has written another fun book that you will enjoy as you soak up the sun. You are in for a treat as you read the book and have the story unfold. A great book for summer, or a relaxing weekend. 


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