Fake It (Rule Breakers #2) by Jennifer Chance

August 15, 2014

Jennifer has done it again in "Fake It" - another winner in my book! From start to finish, the story line was smooth, easy to follow, and one that is guaranteed to suck you right in! Even though it's the 2nd book in it's series, it can very well work as a stand alone book. 

Anna Richardson is a workaholic and has always been one. Her college best friend is getting married and when her fake boyfriend is supposed to come with her, she finds herself in a pickle. Her ex (who wants her back) is supposed to be there and she's tired of trying to be set up by a friend. What's a girl to do?

Jake Flynn, a biker boy who is fixing up his grandma's house nearby, oozes hotness! He has been watching Anna strut by his place for the longest time while not saying anything. Overhearing Anna's situation, he quickly volunteers for the job. Though both Anna and Jake have longed for one another and have admired each other from far away, they are complete opposites! However, when they are with one another over the beach wedding weekend, they realize that the weekend is not enough time for them. But considering they've talked for under a week, is it too fast for them?!

"Fake It" is a whirlwind romantic adventure full of finding happiness, romance and some major chemistry! It also makes you realize what your priorities should be and leaves you smiling with the final ending. I definitely recommend this fun romance to anyone looking for a fun and easy read. This was my 2nd book I've read by Jennifer and I look forward to reading many more!


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