Summer Reading- Demise in Denim

April 21, 2015

Demise in Denim
By: Duffy Brown
Reviewed By: Betsey Brooks & Jenifer Nelissen

We're going to kick off the 2015 Summer Reading season with a bang! Duffy Brown is among the rare group of authors who make writing a book an art form. From start to finish, each book she writes is a masterpiece. When you open her books, it never takes long before you are pulled into a world you don't want to leave. You are having so much fun in the story, loving the characters, that the occasional dead body doesn't phase you. You will be laughing your way through murders, chases, and local squabbles. And when you finish the book, you will feel sad to see it end. You will begin counting the days down to her next book release. (I totally admit to doing this!)

Demise in Denim is #4 in her Consignment Shop Series. Like every book in this delightful series, you will laugh your way through every page! All of the books are full of the Southern charm, and humor. The sayings, alone, will have you laughing until it hurts. 

Walker Boone is being framed for murder. (Oh the surprises that await you when you enter a bathroom) Consignment Store Owner-turned amateur sleuth Reagan Summerside is bound and determined to find out who really did the deed, knowing it wasn't Boone.  In order to hit out from the cops, Boone plays "Where's Walker" with Reagan. Sometimes he's been hiding in the last place she would think to look- or even places she didn't know existed. 

Once again, Duffy Brown does an amazing job at bringing characters to life. You truly forget they are characters in a book, and not your family or friends. Instead of reading a book, you feel like you're right there in the middle of it all. This time around, you get to spend more time with Mercedes, the local housekeeper, and mortician. She jumps right in with all the other characters, bringing her own humor every step of the way.

Duffy brings you plenty of laughter, but she also brings you lots of action. It won't take you long to trip over a dead body with Reagan while she's in Boone's office. And soon, you will feel like you're the passenger in the car when Reagan drives Boone's precious '57 Chevy into the swamp. I predict it will take only a page or two before you are immersed in the plot, and guessing, right along with Reagan, who the killer is.

Get comfy, and get ready to start a reading experience you won't forget. As you read Duffy Brown's books, you will meet delightful characters, solve murders, and get multiple ab workouts! Whether it's her Consignment Shop series, or her new Cycle Shop series, Duffy is the perfect companion to take for reading. 

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