The Cupcake Club: Sugar and Spice

April 27, 2015

A fun Summer Reading Selection for the kids! This series is fun and a wonderful way to spend some of their summer time!

The Cupcake Club: Sugar and Spice
By: Sheryl & Carrie Berk
116 pages
Ages: 9-12

The gang of the Cupcake Club is back!! In this latest adventure, bullies are taught a lesson in humility, and someone enters a beauty pagent!

Who knew that painting a huge canvas for art class would cause so much trouble?! Certainly not Lexie. However, when her overly large work of art collides with school snob, Meredith, Lexie becomes the target of Meredith's scorn. Instead of just letting it go, Meredith decides revenge should come with going after Lexie's boyfriend. As if constantly putting her down wasn't enough. Well, the girls of Peace, Love, and Cupcakes have decided they are going to teach the school hotshot a lesson, or two.

When the girls learn that Meredith has entered the Miss New England Shooting Starz pagent, they decide someone needs to run against her- and win. Lexie gets voted when they learn she can sing. So, a reluctant Lexie enters. Competition day isn't a smooth one. Some contestants soar, while others sink. And some people see stars.

Lexie isn't the only one facing down her insecurities with rivals. The girls of Peace, Love, and Cupcakes also go head-to-head with their rival competition when both vie for the job of baking for the pageant. Will the girls claim victory this time? Who's impressive cupcake concoction will be the winner?

Girls will especially love this series. The Cupcake Club is a fun, creative, spunky series that I enjoy reading! The characters are fun, the chapters aren't long, The stories are fun and relateable for all ages. The books in The Cupcake Club are great summer reads! Readers will have fun reading the books and getting to know all the girls. I look forward to each book!


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