The Aviator's Wife

January 15, 2013

The Aviator's Wife
By: Melanie Benjamin
416 Pages
Anne Morrow was the other daughter. She wasn't the pretty one, and she wasn't expected to make a good match in a husband. But she did what no one thought she would. Anne Morrow caught the attention of one Mr. Charles Lindbergh. She wasn't the only one surprised by his proposal. However, Charles wasn't like your average man, and their marriage wouldn't be like your average marriage. As you read, you get to see the world, and one of it's most famous heroes, through Anne's eyes. 

Anne Morrow is the middle daughter of her parents. She's plain, not gorgeous. She's shy and quiet, not glitzy and popular. Still, when her family visits her father in Mexico, it's Anne who Charles Lindbergh takes notice of. It's Anne, not her sister, that he takes on a solo flight. And it's Anne who marries America's newest hero. 

But Charles Lindbergh is a man of different stock and Anne struggled with her new life. They bond over flying as Anne learns how to pilot planes. She accompanies her husband on numerous flights as he breaks more aviation ground. But everything changes the night their first born son is kidnapped from his nursery room. Both handled the tragedy in different ways and they never fully bounce back. 

Life continues on and they go on to have several children. But that life isn't always easy. Just like there are bumps in the roads, there are bumps in the air, as well. Charles experiences professional highs and lows. Anne is always there by his side, but is becoming her own person- not just his co-pilot.

The Aviator's Wife an incredible look through the eyes of a woman who married an American hero. The world knew her as Charles's wife, but now you get to know her for yourself. Melanie Benjamin did wonderfully thorough research to paint an accurate portrait of an incredible woman's journey. This was a book I loved reading and didn't want it to end.

Rating: Buy It/Borrow It


Unknown on January 15, 2013 at 10:54 AM said...

Great review! Really looking forward to this one!

Jen on January 16, 2013 at 6:26 AM said...

Thank you! It was a good book! I hope you enjoy it!

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