The Second Chance Cafe

January 12, 2013

The Second Chance Cafe
By: Alison Kent

Kaylie Flynn is opening a cafe in the only house that felt like home. However, her life isn't the only one changed.

Kaylie became a ward of the state at a very young age. Her Father was a missing member from her life, and her Mother battled a drug addiction that led to dire consequences. Life changed for the better when she was 10. Being placed with a couple who taught Kaylie, and other foster kids, the meaning of love and family. 

Years after leaving Hope Springs, Kaylie has come back in a big way. She has bought the Victorian house she connects with the happiest years of her life. Now she's turning it into a cafe. 

This new venture brings her several people. Tennessee Keller is the contractor with all the connections. He's the man who's going to work the magic that will turn the first floor into her cafe. He's a man with all the connections. He makes all the girls in town swoon. But, he's also a man with with a past he's struggling to overcome.

Luna is the new friend Kaylie makes. Luna has a successful career making scarves that Hollywood loves. However, like Kaylie and Ten, she has a secret in her past. A car accident she survived, but her best friend/passenger didn't. There's more to the story than she ever let anyone know. 

Luna also knows someone from Kaylie's past. Turns out Luna knows Kaylie's Father, Mitch. Mitch and Luna's Father fought in war together and remained best friends. Now Luna has the ability to introduce the two, but will she?

There are several plot questions you don't get answers to. The Second Chance Cafe is part of Kent's Hope Springs series, so those answers may be found in other books. The whereabouts of Kaylie's Mother weighs heavily on her, but you don't get that resolution in here. The same goes for Luna's storyline. The mysterious secret involving her car accident isn't revealed, but that may be in another book, as well. 

Overall, I enjoyed The Second Chance Cafe. This book had a plot that you wanted to read more of. While parts of the story were rather predictable, Alison Kent didn't do the predictable thing every time. I found this very refreshing. I could see myself reading more books in this series. I'll be keeping an eye for future books by Kent.

Rating: Borrow From Library


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