When This Blonde Cleans...

January 8, 2013

Normally, I enjoy cleaning. And, normally, I'm good at it. When life gets too stressful, I clean my stress away. I'd like to say my house was always clean and spotless. However, I have 2 young girls and a husband- an immaculate house is years away.

On one particular day I was cleaning the front room to my house. Christmas had come and gone, but a collection of Christmas presents past and current had converged here. Christmas decorations had just been put away and my house was going back to normal. I was vacuuming the floor- which desperately needed to be done. I realized just before my vacuum sucked it up that there was a plastic tie on the ground- the kind you find on bread or wrap cords in. No sooner did I add it to my growing collection of dirt in my vacuum's canister than my vacuum shut off. Right there, in the middle of vacuuming the room my vacuum died.

Nothing I did made it start again. I tried to find the offensive visitor to no avail. I had no choice but to call my hubby and inform him that I may have just offed the vacuum. Upon his arrival and looking at the traumatized machine, he discovered the plug had come out of the wall enough to cut the power to it. Sure enough, it started up- completely unfazed- when the plug was pushed back in all the way.

Like I said, normally I'm good at cleaning. Sometimes, not so much. Glad to know I didn't off the vacuum, though.


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