Merry Humbug Christmas

March 30, 2014

Here at Miss Book Lovers, we are not above throwing in a Christmas book when it's Spring. We're silly that way. Plus, this was like no other Christmas book I've read, so I had to share it.

Merry Humbug Christmas
Sandra D. Bricker
297 Pages

Best friends, Joss and Reese have a rather unusual Christmas tradition: join forces to do whatever is necessary to avoid everything having to do with Christmas. Each has their own reasons why the holiday season is one they wish to not enjoy. However, this several years long tradition has come to an end. One friend just got engaged. Their stories unfold within the 2 novellas: Once Upon A Jingle Bell & It Came Upon A Midnight Deer.

Sandra D. Bricker is great with characters. She has a knack for making them so life-like. You quickly forget you're reading about characters in a book. Instead, you feel like you're interacting with friends. It all makes for delightful reading. Joss and Reese were no exceptions. Joss was my favorite of the two, but both were fun getting to know.

Once Upon A Jingle Bell tells Joss's story. She finds out Reese has gotten engaged to her boyfriend, and so the joint cruise they had planed on taking to avoid Christmas this year is no longer happening. Not one to let something like that detour her plans, Joss goes on the cruise without her dear friend. However, she quickly learns on her arrival that the cruise she booked had been cancelled. She's now found herself put on the 12 Days of Christmas Fun Cruise, and she's one of the few not having fun. But God isn't done with her just yet. Not only does she meet a group of fellow cruisers, but she also meets Patrick. This handsome man with the Irish accent becomes her partner in dodging Christmas. But, is it just a cruise fling?

It Came Upon A Midnight Deer has Reese on her way to meet her new fiance's family. Damien didn't grow up with vegan parents who had tofurkey at the Christmas table. No, his family is quite different from Reese's. Will they all get along?

Sadly, I wasn't able to finish the second novella. My Kindle had technical problems, but I'm sure readers will have as much fun with Reese and they did with Joss. I look forward to seeing what happens with Reese.

I would definitely think of putting this on your holiday reading list for next year. (It's never too early to start making that, is it?) Sandra's books are fun to read.


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