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September 8, 2010

Pippi Goes On Board
By: Astrid Lindgren

While not as magical as the first book in the Pippi series, Pippi Goes On Board, is still a continuation of Pippi's adventures. She takes Tommy and Annika along with her as she goes on a shopping spree in town. Lesson learned that day: if 36 pounds of candy isn't enough for all the town's children to feast on... get another 36 pounds! You just might have some for the following day. Pippi gives Tommy and Annika a little taste of what it's like to be shipwrecked. While their parents are out of town, the siblings and Pippi set sail for a nearby lake island.

There are plenty of adventures to enjoy in this book. You'll get to meet Pippi's father and find out if he really did become a cannibal king. You'll also get to see what she does when given the choice of staying at Villa Villekula or set sail with her beloved Father.

If you read Pippi Goes On Board, I hope you enjoy it! Reading Pippi is like visiting a long lost friend only to feel as if no time has gone by.


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