Sizzling Sixteen

June 24, 2010

Sizzling Sixteen
By: Janet Evanovich
309 Pages

Stephanie Plum, Lula, & Connie are out to rescue their wayward boss, Vinnie (also Stephanie's Cousin). Having gotten in way over his head in gambling & other assorted misdeeds he's been kidnapped by a mobster and held for a hefty ransom. Their options: pay up are rescue him back before he's dead.

I've been a fan (thank you, Sis :P) and have enjoyed this series for years. However, every book follows the same format and is dependable. This book is no exception. You have the skip that takes the whole book to finally get and all the hilarity involved in the apprehension attempts. In this case, the skip is Butch Goodey and accidentally setting free a herd of cows onto the city streets. Every book has the sexual tension between the two men in Stephanie's life, on and off again beau Morelli and rough around the edges Ranger. In a predictable set up here, she flirts with both, kisses both... and that's it. And you have Lula with her irrational desire to shoot at people. The best scene for that was someone eating her doughnut and she opens fire on the door. Of course, he returns fire and they run for their lives. In the earlier books of the series I was laughing- A LOT, and now my laughter isn't as often or as loud.

I've decided the reason I read the series still isn't for the main character, Stephanie. While she has her moments in every book, after awhile she isn't enough to keep you coming back for more. She's a bounty hunter only because her Cousin was willing to give her the job, not because she knows what she's doing. After awhile, her stumbling capture attempts aren't funny anymore. No, I love Lula and Grandma Mazur. Those two are my favorite characters and the ones who make me laugh. They have the great one-liners, the funny scenes. They keep me coming back for more. Lula has a great way of remembering people. Case in point, her memory of Stephanie's now deceased Uncle Pip who left her a lucky bottle. "I remember Uncle Pip...he was the one wandered out of the senior complex a couple weeks ago during that thunderstorm, pissed on a downed electric wire, and electrocuted himself." And, not to be forgotten, there is Grandma Mazur with her irrational fondness of funeral wakes. She likes the open casket wakes and becomes a bit unruly when the casket is closed. Case in point: Karen Shishler's viewing. The family requested it be closed casket, but Grandma had issues with it. "How do I know she's in there if you won't open the lid." When this gets her nowhere, she has a completely logical thought, "Just a peek. I won't tell no one."

The romantic triangle between Stephanie, Joe Morelli, and Ranger is no longer interesting to me. It never seems to progress beyond a kiss and heavy flirting. It lost it's fizzle and my interest a long time ago. I no longer care if she picks either of them.

The book had it's great moments, but not nearly as many as there used to be. Sadly, the series has become old and dependable. It just seems that Janet Evanovich has an outline used for each book and she fills in the blanks with the names she uses with each book. If you're thinking of buying the book, wait until it lands in the bargain book section and buy it for around $5-$10.00 instead of the $28.00 now.

Rating: Borrow From The Library

Book Memories

June 23, 2010

Diary Of A Mad Bride
By: Laura Wolf
294 Pages

Diary Of A Mad Bride is for anyone who has ever been a bride, is about to become a bride, yearned to be a bride, or suffered the sheer indignity of appearing in public in the world's ugliest bridesmaid dress.
--- Diary Of A Mad Bride

This book is HILARIOUS!! From cover to cover I was giggling or flat out laughing! You follow Amy's wedding journey from getting engaged to the wedding itself and everything in between. The characters are great! I always thought this would make a good movie.

Some Highlights:
  • Grandma's reaction to the engagement ring-"Diamonds are eternal. Emeralds say, maybe 5 years."
  • Father-In-Law's Engagement Party toast- "To a happy marriage and, if necessary, a painless divorce."

I have recommended this book to many and they have loved it as much as I did. If you enjoy a good, funny book this is the one! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Happy Reading

A Blogger's Heartfelt Thanks!

June 21, 2010

I don't think I'm good at this blogging thing. I don't read very fast, so it takes me a long time to get through a book. I've never been a fast reader, but now that I have 2 little girls, it's even worse. Plus, I don't think I'm good at relating to people. I just don't think I have the personality that people are drawn to.

I see other blogs that have 100+ followers and I can see why they do. The time and energy they put into their blogs is amazing. They win awards and I can completely see why. I, however, don't have that kind of time an energy at my leisure anymore.

I am incredibly honored to have the followers that I do. They are patient and understanding, and don't complain when I go awhile between posts. It's nice to know that they are with me for the ride- no matter how slow going it may be. I don't think I'll ever be one of those blogger's with 100s of followers. To be honest, I'd be perfectly happy and satisfied with about 50.

I've learned to be a reserved person. Maybe one day I'll stop living in the shell I hide in. For now, I want to thank those of you who visit my blog, comment on it, and follow it. Thank you for your support and letting me be a part of your lives. You will never know how much it means to me. I love books and am truly honored to share that love with you.
Love, Jen

When This Blonde Bought Alcohol...

June 18, 2010

Several years ago my husband & I went to the grocery store down the street to buy some alcohol. I don't remember what type, but it was probably beer for me. Anyway, as I mentioned, the store was down the street so we went there regularly and had become friendly with a few of the cashiers. The cashier we had on this particular trip was one we knew and would joke around with. When it became clear that I wasn't getting my i.d. checked we made a joke about it.

Cashier: I don't need to check her i.d. she's always in here.
Me: Yeah, I'm a slush.

I'd love to tell you I meant to say "slush" instead of "lush". I didn't even realize the goof until my hubby pointed it out. Thankfully our cashier friend was nice and never said a thing, but went along with it. I , however, was embarrassed.

And that, my dear followers, is what happens when this blonde bought some alcohol. I hope you enjoy this latest blonde moment. Until my next one....

So the movie comes out today! My hubby & I are debating taking our oldest to see it in the theatre. She likes the first two movies, so we thought this might be a fun thing for her. Plus, it would be the first movie she saw in the movie theatre. Our only concern is she doesn't like things loud, and the movie theatre will be loud.

What do you think? Should we take her to see it or wait for the DVD?

uncharted terrTORI

uncharted terriTORI
By: Tori Spelling
207 Pages

More discussion of things going on in Tori Spelling's life. Among her topics: relationship with her Mother, her former 90210 co-stars, her marriage.

I went into reading this book with mixed expectations. I loved her first book, Stori Telling. I was not a fan of her second, Mommywood. So, I didn't know what to think of this one. My instincts didn't let me down. Her first book remains my favorite and this one runs the same lines of her second.

I watch her reality show and it turns out that's good when reading this book. Topics that were on her show were also in her book, but I felt that you only got all the information if you watched her show AND read the book. For example, her marital woes. On the show they have been front and enter all season long. In the book they are downplayed a lot. The whole two sides to every story theory kept running through my head. If you watched the show and read the book, you got both sides of the story.

In this book she is more insightful into her own faults. She fully admits to being a workaholic and struggling with it. She has the same compulsive desire to make everyone happy and apologize for everything that I do. She comes across more relatable in this one.

Overall I didn't love the book. It was an OK read but, for the most part, forgettable. I've always felt that if you're going to do a memoir or an autobiography really do one. Don't breeze over topics with a mention of what they are and no more. I felt she did that in here. Especially with her discovery of her former co-stars of 90210 disliking her. I don't understand why she included it in here other than to say they don't. There was no resolution or any pursuit of it in any way. She told you the situation and left it there.

Rating: Borrow From the Library

New Blog!!!

June 16, 2010

My friend, Rose, & I have started a blog! We're dedicating it to books for children of all ages! I hope you'll stop by and check it out- maybe even follow us if you would like to!! Help us spread the word about it!

It's Summer Time!!

June 14, 2010

Welcome to Summer!!

Well, even though I've been giving Summer Reading Recommendations for a few weeks, I am now officially declaring it summer! My hubby is finally on summer break, therefore our summer has begun! I plan to read- a lot- and swim in the pool. With any luck I'll get a tan this summer! That would be great!!

A friend of mine and I are going to jointly start a blog. I don't want to give anything away yet, but I will say this, we're centering it around children. I'll keep you posted!

This summer I want to read books geared at elementary school aged kids. I always see them on the shelves when I take my oldest daughter to Story Time. So, I have decided to read them. Who knows, maybe I'll find a few my daughters will like when they start reading. It's never too soon to start collecting books.

I hope whatever the summer holds for you that you have a great time! We can't afford to go on vacations, so we're gonna make the most of it at home. I see lots of BBQs and pool parties in our future.

I am hoping to get some more Summer Reading Recommendations up soon. If you have any suggestions that you would like to share, please let me know and we will get them up.

Happy summer to you all and may you enjoy lots of great books!!

Book Releases I Look Forward To...

June 9, 2010

Upcoming Releases I can't wait for!!!

The latest installment in the popular Stephanie Plum series.

Always good for a light, breezy, and funny read. I love Grandma Mazar, and Lula!! Can't wait to see what hilarity they have instore.

Release Date: June 22, 2010

I've been a fan for years and look forward to the multiple releases she puts out each year. Some are really good (her historical storylines are amazing), some are not. I wonder which it'll be for this one.

Release Date: June 22, 2010

I hope June brings you books you enjoy & love! Happy Reading!!!

June 8, 2010

Every Day In Tuscany: Seasons of an Italian Life
By: Frances Mayes
301 pages

Ever wonder what Tuscany is like year round? Ever wonder what Italians like to do throughout the year? Ever wonder what life is like in Italy? Through this book you will get answers to those questions.

In Under The Tuscan Sun Frances Mayes and her husband buy a villa in Tuscany. Through this book you learn what their life is like in Tuscany throughout a whole year. The author gives you an up close look at Italian life. From the dinners that last hours and hours to the places where Frances and her husband travel to while in Italy, you get to pretned you live in Tuscany. She even includes recipes for some of the meals made there. (One day I will make one of them)

I loved reading about the marathon dinners most of all. I love the idea of friends and family gathering together and having a good time. In Italy it seems to take on a whole different meaning. Wine flows as freely as the laughter, time is forgotten, and everyone meets up at the kitchen table. One of these days I'm going to host this kind of get together.

I also enjoyed how honest and candid the author was about life before and after Tuscany came into it. She tells you about the horrifying incident with a bomb that was placed by the Bramasole gates. She tells you about their friends, too. It doesn't take long before you feel like you're among family eating good food and drinking good wine.

If you love reading about life in other countries, or even living vicariously through some one's life you may want to give Every Day In Tuscany... a try. In this book you can forget about time and just enjoy the life around you. This was an enjoyable read that now has me really wanting to visit Tuscany- or anywhere in Italy!

Rating: Borrow From The Library/Buy It (if in the bargain section)

Mary Poppins

June 4, 2010

Mary Poppins
P.L. Travers
209 pages** (my copy)

When Mary Poppins lands on the doorstep of the Banks residence no one knows what's in store. There is never a dull moment when Mary's around and things are usually not what they seem.

An east wind bring Mary Poppins to a house in need of a nanny to 4 children: Jane, Michael and twin babies John and Barbara. As soon as the eldest Banks children see her slide up the stairs they are entranced. Mary, with her host of friends and family take the children (and you) on one adventure after another.

When Mary introduces someone, you never know who you're meeting. But you do know they will be extraordinary in some way. The Match-Man (Burt) pulls her into a chalk drawing he made and they proceed to have their regular tea date. Although nothing about it is regular. Mr. Wigg, her Uncle Albert, becomes full of laughing gas every year on his birthday. Mrs. Curry runs a gingerbread store. She has an interesting feature: her fingers. Everyday they taste different and if you eat them it's OK because they grow back.

The adventures aren't limited to humans, though. Animals get in on the action as well. Andrew, the neighbor's dog, is a pampered dog who longs to be normal. When he befriends a dog his owner doesn't like, Mary is forced to translate the ultimatum he issues. There is the dancing cow who knew Mary's mother. She started to dance one night, but couldn't stop. And when Michael finds a box on the sidewalk it leads them on a trip around the world. They meet an animal from the north, south, east, and west. Just to mention a few.

Between a Christmas shopping trip like no other, involving a little girl like no other, to seeing what happens with the animals when the zoo closes, Mary Poppins is not lacking in charm and adventure. While it isn't my favorite of the four books in the series (there are 4 in all), it is a fun trip through one author's imagination.

Sleeping Murder

June 2, 2010

Sleeping Murder
By: Agatha Christie
217 pages

When Gwenda Reed goes looking for the house she and her new husband will live in she feels a connection to one particular villa. Turns out, there's a reason why. But what connection could she and this old house possibly share?

Of the handful of Agatha Christie books I have read, Sleeping Murder, has been my favorite... by far. I love mysteries that aren't bloody, gruesome, or really heavy and Agatha Christie is good at telling an intriguing story without all of those. From beginning to end I was enthralled. I could not get enough of this book. From Gwenda's sense of deja vu and her first flashback I knew I was in for a treat. The story takes off right off the bat and doesn't let up until the end. I was enthralled all the way through this fast paced story and the ending did not disappoint at all.

The characters were great! I felt like I was on the same roller coaster ride they were on. I just wanted to hug Gwenda, the poor thing. You feel so badly for her when she sees the vision of a dead woman at the bottom of the stairs. Miss Marple is a favorite Agatha Christie character for a reason. She's the ultimate people watcher and she doesn't miss a beat. Still, many underestimate her. The host of secondary characters were an endless source of speculation for me. I was constantly trying to figure out who did what and for what reason. Could the scorned lover be the reason a woman is dead at the bottom of the stairs? Perhaps his wife is? The possiblities were endless! Sometimes I was right, sometimes not so much.

If you enjoy light mysteries you will enjoy Agatha Christie. I recommend Sleeping Murder, it will not let you down. I dare to say it's Agatha Christie at her best.

Rating: But It!

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