Triple Chocolate Cheesecake Murder

February 23, 2021



Lake Eden's Mayor is found dead. Andrea, Hannah's sister is the one to find him- and also have a fight with him earlier that day- so she becomes suspect #1. Hannah is now on a mission to find out who really did the killing, all while her busy bakery is prepping for Easter.

I found this to be on ok read. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't amazing, either. It was pretty much in the middle. For me, this book seemed to struggle with something a lot of cozy mystery series do- after numerous books the focus becomes more on the characters with the mystery becoming a secondary character. I felt this book focused the majority of it's time with Hannah and the other characters. It started off with a bang, but cooled quickly. 

A little heads up: if you aren't keeping up with the series, you may find questions with no answers. For example, in the book prior to this one, something happens involving Hannah's husband and her home. You're told she finds his murdered body, but that's all. You don't know what happened or why. You have no clue why her sister is now living there. There is no revisiting it for the reader. I've only read the first 3 books in the series, so I wasn't sure if I could just pick up at the current book and be filled in about recent events, but I wasn't. That's not a deal breaker for me, but it's something I think you should know. Some series don't have to be read in order, but I don't think this is one of them.

There were several things that I had a hard time with. One, the character names were constantly repeated within conversations. To the point that the conversations didn't seem realistic to me. Secondly, the inner dialogue in Hannah's head got pretty distracting and annoying quickly. Once or twice, is no big deal, but when they're happening often, it tends to take away from the story. Thirdly, I just felt the mystery investigation part was almost non existent. There was very little tracking down suspects and weeding out the possibilities. In fact, people stated several times that there were so many people who had a motive for killing the mayor, but only a few were mentioned. The only real investigating happened toward the end and it led to the killer. I guess I was expecting more of the process to be there.

Overall, the 27th Hannah Swensen series installment was ok. I was hoping for more and was disappointed not to see more of the investigation unfold, but I did have a good time catching up with the characters. Andrea is still one of my favorites. Despite the issues I had, I liked the book. I plan on reading more of the series in the future, so I'll have to start catching up.


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