Mystery Month!!

May 27, 2011

Since I've been reading a lot of mysteries lately, I thought I'd embrace it. So I'm turning the month of June into Mystery Month. I'm going to be compiling my list so I can jump right in on the 1st. You are welcome to read the books along with me.

The Shop On Blossom Street

May 25, 2011

The Shop On Blossom Street
By: Debbie MaComber
395 Pages

Summary: Lydia is a 2 time cancer survivor. Throwing caution to the wind, she rolls the dice and opens her own store. A Good Yarn is her dream come true. The store brings her 3 new friends, and 1 love. But when another cancer scare arrives, will let all of that go? Jacqueline doesn't like the woman her son married. When she learns they will be having a baby she's out to prove how good a Grandmother she will be. But, can she and her husband rekindle the love they once had? Alix had a rotten childhood. Hiding in a closet when her parents would fight, she would imagine the "perfect" Mother. One thing this mother did was knit. When Alix checks out the new yarn store on the street this memory locks her into a knitting class. Hey, if it counts towards her community service hours, better still. Carol and her husband have spent years thinking they had all the time in the world to conceive. However, once they began to try they learned they may never be able to. When Carol sees the knitting class's first project is to knit a baby blanket, Carol thinks it's a sign.

I loved this book! For awhile now my Mom has been telling me how good Debbie MaComber is. Well, she was right! This book was remarkable! I loved every minute of it. This book dealt with serious issues, but didn't drag you down by them. You got to see how the characters grew and slowly changed throughout the obstacles each had to endure. From cancer, to infertility, to scarring childhoods, jealousy, and loneliness. Debbie MaComber tackled them all through her characters.

My mom described this book- and author, for that matter- best when she said it was cozy and it was like a chocolate chip cookie. Thoroughly enjoyable, warm, and delightful.

Rating: Buy It/ Borrow From The Library

Invitation To Provence

May 22, 2011

Invitation To Provence
By: Elizabeth Adler
321 Pages

Franny Marten is expecting to have dinner with her boyfriend. Instead, she meets the wife she didn't know he had. The two women become friends. Both go to Provence when an invitation for a family reunion is sent to Franny. Both are thinking they need to get away. Both find more than they thought they would when they arrive.

Franny knows things are about to end with her boyfriend, Marcus. She doesn't expect Marcus' wife, Clare, to be the one to end things for him. That surprise is followed by the two hitting it off. Soon after, Franny receives an invitation from France. A relative she didn't know about is hosting a family reunion and wants her to go- all expenses paid. Franny decides to go and asks Clare to go with her.

A handsome man brings his dog into Franny's veterinary office. What she doesn't know is that Jake Bronson is on a fact-finding mission of sorts. Neither of them expected to feel so much, so soon. However, things are a little bumpy.

I enjoyed this book. I had never read a book by Elizabeth Adler, but I will be reading more of her work. I loved the descriptions of France. I loved meeting and getting to know a village of people. I loved the characters, both the good ones and the not so good ones. This was one of the books I didn't want to put down.

Rafeala, Franny's Aunt, has a story that was amazing all on it's own. Rafeala herself was amazing. In fact, all of the book's secondary characters are fun to read. From Rafeala's two sons to her long lost best friend. From the butler, to the villagers- I loved them all. I hated to see the book come to an end.

Rating: Borrow From The Library/Buy It

Book Eye Candy...

May 14, 2011

Since I'll be gone for a few days, I thought I'd leave you guys with pictures of libraries I think look great. How I would love to wander around these places! How I'd love to visit them and peruse the bookshelves! Tell me what you think of these...

Under The Tuscan Sun- book or Movie?

May 7, 2011

Many books have been turned into movies. Some converted well, while others did not. Some movies stayed true to books they were bringing to life. Some have little in common. I'd like to know your thoughts.

Under The Tuscan Sun
By:Frances Mayes


Under The Tuscan Sun


In this case, I preferred the movie. I do have to say that the book and movie had very little in common. I watched the movie first and kept waiting to read what I saw on the movie screen. Having seen and read them both, I still liked the movie better. I loved how they had a woman starting her life over in a foreign country.

Between the book and the movie, I have to ask you: which one did you like better?

A Wedding To Die For

May 5, 2011

A Wedding To Die For
By: Leann Sweeney
261 Pages

Megan Beadford has one request before she gets married: she wants to meet her birth mother. She hires Abby to find her, but all Abby finds is a whole lot of nothing. However, things change when Megan's wedding reception becomes the site of her father's murder. Once Abby does a little digging, she finds a treasure trove of secrets that link a family together. But can Abby find Megan's birth mother as well as her father's murderer?

Leann Sweeney has hit another ball out of the park with this book. #2 in The Yellow Rose Mystery series, I loved this one as much as the others I've already read. Sweeney is great at writing a fun to read light mystery. One of the things I've come to love are the fun sayings Leann includes in her books. A personal favorite: "Well, slap me naked and sell my clothes." (page75) I look forward to those almost as mucha s the story she's about to tell.

I loved following Abby on her newest mission. It was like I was there as Abby uncovers the truth behind Megan's birth certificate. When Abby went to Jamaica, I was right there. I love that Leann Sweeney doesn't dwell on details that would slow the story down, but still lets you know everything you need to know about those details.

Another great thing about Leann's writing is that she's good at throwing little twists at you. In this case, the adoption story takes a different direction when Abby and Megan get ahold of the real birth certificate. It was like I was the clerk handing over the paper that shook both and unlocked the door to answers.

Rating: Buy It/Borrow From The Library

Book Memories- Reading My First Thriller

May 3, 2011

Have you ever read one of those books that kept you on the edge of your seat? A book that you couldn't put down, but had to, because you it was getting so intense? Well, The Firm was that book for me. At the time I read it, this book was considered a thriller. I doubt it would be these days, but back then it was. For a girl who's book choices consisted mostly of fiction, this was a genre that was new to me. I was excited to read it. I looked forward to it and was immediately pulled in once I started it. Looking back, I should've picked a book my husband hadn't read first. Poor guy would have gotten more sleep.

Before I go any further I should probably tell you a couple of things: 1. I'm a wuss when it comes to thrillers. (As you're about to see.) 2. At the time I read I The Firm, my husband had a job that involved lots of driving and decently early mornings. I'm sorry, honey- still.

I was instantly sucked into the story. John Grisham tells a great story set in the legal world. This was the first book of his I had read and it's still one of my favorites. It's about a lawyer who signs on with a big firm and learns the hard way all that glitters isn't gold. Once the story got further along and things began to happen my heart raced right along with the main character's. I was constantly calling my husband- while he was at work and often busy- trying to figure out if everything was going to be OK. While he was sleeping in the middle of the night, I'd wake him up when things got really intense because I couldn't take it. During the scenes that involved the dog, I was panic stricken and HAD to know the dog would be OK. Poor guy was rustled out of sleep or interrupted while working by his frantic wife who needed to take Xanax if I was going to keep reading this book.

One scene in particular comes to mind. The main character and his wife were secretly making copies of information. The bad guys were hot on their trail. I was pacing the house as I read this. I would put the book down to breathe, then go right back to it. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore! I believe this was one of the numerous times I woke him up in the middle of the night. Oops.

By the time I finished the book, both of us were exhausted and glad it was done. I'm happy to say I've gotten much better at reading John Grisham books. My husband no longer gets disturbed an odd hours or when he's working. Fiction is still my preferred genre, but I like a good legal thriller. Just as long as someone I know has read it first.

Summer And The City

May 2, 2011

Summer And The City
By: Candace Bushnell
409 Pages

Carrie arrives in NYC to attend The New School's Writing Program for the summer. She lives with Samantha and meets Miranda. Meet some of her fellow classmates, her first NY love interest, & see how her first serious writing attempt is recieved. She's determined to lose her virginity on her 18ht birthday, too. Who's the lucky guy?

This should have been the first book in the Carrie Diaries trilogy. This is the book that introduces her to the city she falls in love with. This is the book that starts it all. After reading this book, I felt like The Carrie Diaries isn't a book you have to read. I loved this book. It had some slow parts biut, overall, I think it was a good read. I loved reading how she bought her clothes in a Vintage clothing store. I wish there had been more of a focus on her writing. It was a curve I didn't see coming when she decides she's going ot be a playwright. For some reason I figured she would have started out writing a book. My heart broke for her when it didn't get the reaction she was hoping for.

Some partsof the book I found hard to buy into. For instance, Carrie has no job to bring in money. yet, she's able to buy things after it would seem she would've run out of the money she was given. Miranda is kind of the same way. I don't remember her mentioning a job, yet she has her own apartment.

I look forward to the next installment. Carrie meets Charlotte at the end of the book. She also gets her first job offer to write a newspaper column. I can't wait to see how everything comes together.

Rating: Borrow From The Library/Buy It

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