Death By Coffee

May 26, 2015

Death By Coffee
By:Alex Erickson
300 Pages

Best friends, Krissy Hancock and Vicki Peterson have opened a coffee/book shop in the mid-west. However, their first is nothing like what they hoped. When a customer dies after drinking coffee from Krissy's coffee shop, Krissy becomes determined to find the real killer. 

Krissy and Vicki grew up together in California. Life changed when Vicki moves to Pine Hills. A few months later, Vicki asks Krissy to come out there. With no coffee or book store in town, Vicki sees a golden opportunity. 

Life in small town Pine Hills isn't always easy. Gossip travels at light speed. Everyone knows everyone else. You even have your resident spy always looking from her window. Being new to town, a dead customer isn't the way Krissy envisioned meeting her fellow residents. However, that's how it happened. Brendon Lawyer orders a coffee, and is found dead shortly thereafter. Krissy is anxious to prove it wasn't her coffee that caused his death, but wasn't expecting to uncover quite the list of possible murders. In short time, Krissy is ticking off residents trying to get answers. And, in between arrests, she squeezes in a date with the Chief of Police's handsome son, Officer Paul. 

Not only is this book the debut in a series, it's also the debut book for the author. Alex Erickson is new to the genre, but writes a good story. While the plot wasn't the strongest, you do connect with the characters and want to find out what happens. For being a male author, he writes from a woman's perspective very well. I enjoyed reading his characters and all their interaction. Mr. Erickson is the rare male in a woman dominated genre, but I think he has a great series on his hands. 

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