Sarasota Dreams by Debby Mayne

February 28, 2014

Summary: Romance blossoms in Sarasota, Florida, in the Mennonite community of Pinecraft. There, three young women find their plain and contented lives disrupted by love. Will Mary find lasting love with Abe, despite the stigma that follows her because of her mother’s sins? Can Shelley trust Jeremiah, even though his past—and her parents—are stacked against him? And should Ruthie fall for a man who is not even Mennonite?

When I read the summary, I was immediately intrigued by the book. I have never read a book regarding Mennonite people or their beliefs. Being raised as a Catholic, I thought it would be an interesting read, and one in which I would learn a little at the same time. Starting the book was a little bit of a challenge since it didn't capture  my attention right away, but the more I read the story the more I couldn't put it down! Throughout reading the book, I was shocked at how simple their lives were: they didn't see the  need to have a car (they used bikes, buses, or hired a local driver to take them to their destination), electricity was very minimal at that, and their clothing was very plain. They are the definition of leading a simple lifestyle with no needs/wants for materialistic items!

Question: What are the Mennonite's and what are their beliefs? I asked myself the same question and for the answer - I googled it of course! The Mennonite's are a Christian group founded by Menno Simmons. They believe in the inspiration of the Bible and in Jesus Christ as the One sent by God to bring reconciliation between the Creator and a broken world. The believe that peace building is an achievable way of life, and they recognize the value of organized religion.

This book deals with 3 main couples:

Mary and Abe: Abe has grown up in the Mennonite community and has lived a life as one of the Church's followers and has spread the good word to all, he lives the church's' teaching's to its fullest. He has his own farm and plenty of land which he uses to cultivate crops. Mary, on the other hand, didn't grow up in the Mennonite community. After her mother got pregnant with her and left the town, Mary grew up with barely anything. She never knew her grandparents until her mother passed away and she came to live with them. At that time, she was the new kid who others made fun of. From everything her mother taught her about men, Mary has a hard time trusting them and what they said and did. However, Abe is one that believes if it's meant to be, it will be. He is a man that is very kind-hearted and giving to his community. He is a man of his word and wouldn't try to push Mary into a relationship she isn't ready for. However, will Mary finally let down her borders and welcome a man into her life?

Shelley and Jeremiah: Shelley has just been hurt by Peter, who she thought would soon pop the question. When Peter said he was getting engaged to another girl, that tore Shelley to pieces and she put her dreams of getting married on hold. Jeremiah on the other hand, left the Mennonite Church and was what you would call a bad boy. He said some hurtful words to Mary and also drove a fancy car which was far from the Mennonite people's way of life. People who leave the Mennonite church are looked as outcasts to the church members. When Jeremiah comes to Abe for help in trying to return to the Church, Jeremiah does all that he can to make this a new beginning for him. He has always had an attraction for Shelley so during this process - he tries to not only win Shelley's affections but also the support from the Church members that doubt him as well. He completely changes his ways for the better, and he goes the extra mile to help Shelley and her family in times of need. Personally, I was really rooting for him myself!

Ruthie and Charles: Charles and his family haven't grown up in the Mennonite Church, but they as they interact with the people and go to their Church services, they decide to join the Church and start living the Mennonite lifestyle. Some aspects are a little challenging for them to get used to; however, they are slowly welcoming the changes (ex. going from 3 cars to 1, not watching TV, and interacting more within the community and their neighbors). Ruthie, on the other hand, grew up Mennonite and when she starts talking with Charles, some of the church members are not happy about it and they are making their intentions known. They don't believe Charles and his family are joining the church for the right reasons. When troubles hit Charles and his family, those unhappy people start throwing accusations and assumptions around. Even though Ruthie's parents were unhappy with her talking to Charles at the beginning, as time goes on, Charles and his family show the Mennonite community the dedication they possess which in turn, help Ruthie decide what she is meant to do.

This book was very enlightening. I really enjoyed reading it! I learned that even with the challenges the people faced and the bumps in the road they encountered, they looked to the Church for guidance and healing. It really inspired me to also help those in need, and to be more selfless :)

Twelve to Murder by Lauren Carr

February 27, 2014

Mac Faraday is definitely becoming one of my favorite detectives! As much as I enjoyed reading "The Lady Who Cried Murder" just the other day, I couldn't put "Twelve to Murder" down! I was left sitting on the edge of my chair trying to find out what would happen next!

The book starts with Derrick coming home one morning after a date night to find that his parents, Janice and Austin, had been murdered and the name "Lenny" was found written in blood. Lenny was a former child star and teen idol and was very familiar with the family. So naturally when Derrick told the police that he was the star suspect, he was desperate to prove his innocence. How did he do it you might ask? Well naturally, he took several people hostage in a pub and demanded that the police find the real killer! They have 12 hours until midnight or he would start shooting the hostages. Personally when I was reading about the hostage situation, IF I had to be involved in one, I would probably want Lenny to be in charge! Not only did the hostages get full range of the bar and the beer, they were able to watch the baseball game on TV, and they received some steak dinners from the local Spencer Inn! Wow talk about living the life of luxury in a time of crisis!

So both David O'Callaghan and Mac Faraday are back in action and do what they do best: investigate and solve some mysteries! They soon discover that this double murder could open up some older cases and suspicions that haven't quite been resolved: murders, kidnapping, and drug dealing of course. A trifecta!

I really love the style of Lauren's writing and the way it flowed from one event to the next was amazingly written. I kept telling myself I would close the book after the next chapter; however, every time one chapter ended I was anxious to start the next! This suspenseful book was filled with twists, turns, and lots of action! The Mac Faraday series is an amazing read for a mystery lover, but this book can stand alone if you have not read any other books in its series. Lauren definitely knows how to bring you into the story and leaves you wanting more!

The Lady Who Cried Murder by Lauren Carr

February 26, 2014

Lauren Carr is at it again, and as always she never disappoints! This is the 4th book I have read by Lauren and I enjoyed it from beginning to end; this mystery thriller leaves you hanging up until the end! Her stories never cease to captivate me!

Mac Faraday is a retired homicide detective with his lovable German Shepherd dog Gnarly. With his mom's inheritance, he lives a very nice lifestyle not having to worry about money. He lives with his girlfriend Archie who I have come to love. They have an amazing relationship and are so perfect for one another. Mac's half brother David happens to be the chief of police who lives just in a cottage close by.

This book starts off with a sudden disappearance of Khloe Everest. After several days of her missing and a phone call that left her mom hanging, they reported it as an abduction. At a huge press conference, Khloe suddenly reappears and acts like nothing happens. Everyone knows that she did it for the fame and attention, which includes her ex-best friend and her mom. However, they can't prove that she wasted the police's time on this investigation which was saddening so they just left it as it was.

Fast forward 3 years - Khloe returns to Deep Creek Lane after her mother's death. After finding a tape that she could use for her own selfish reasons, she requested an interview so she could make a big announcement on TV. However, on the morning of the interview they found Khloe dead, murdered in a horrible way. Finding Khloe's murderer begins a long journey into secrets that have been buried for many years. Mac Faraday, David O'Callaghan, and many other characters are on the hunt for justice and answers. It wouldn't be a good story without twists and road blocks for them and believe me, there are plenty of challenging events that David and Mac experience!

I recommend this book to all mystery lovers! "The Lady Who Cried Murder" was another heart stopping thriller! While the mystery and the road to its solution was amazing, I truly enjoyed the cast and characters! Another great hit and I look forward to reading the next installment of Mac Faraday and his gang and what kind of drama they end up in!

A March Bride

February 25, 2014

A March Bride
By: Rachel Hauck
E book Format Only

In Once Upon A Prince, couple Susanna and Nathaniel overcame obstacles to be together. He's going to be King of Brighton, and she's a commoner from the United States. However, true love- and faith in God- helped them leap over every obstacle put in their way. But, while they did get their "happy ever after" in Once Upon A Prince, the rough waters aren't over. In A March Bride, Susanna and Nathaniel have tough decisions to make. While Susanna has had to make numerous changes, there are still more ahead. Can she make them? Or, has she been asked to give up one too many things? 

In the midst of planning their March wedding in Brighton, Susanna has been learning everything she can about Brighton laws. Nathaniel has been acting more and more distant, and she fears he's regretting proposing to her. But she's wrong. In fact, Nathaniel is fearing that she's regretting saying yes. And he's fearful she'll leave when he tells her the newest requirement being put on her: renounce her American citizenship.  

Her head reeling from this latest demand is the last straw. More and more people from her side are saying they can't attend the royal nuptials. Susanna is wondering if this all is a sign that she shouldn't marry Nathaniel. Needing answers she can't find in Brighton, Susanna flees to her family on American soil- leaving her engagement ring behind.

Family members, on both sides, do what family does best. Both are reminded how much they love each other and the blessing each received when they came into their lives. However, it takes the wisdom of the local church Pastor to put everything in perspective for Susanna. Reminding her that she's focusing on the wrong thing: citizenship to any country isn't important, since she's a citizen of God's kingdom first and foremost. Their conversation has Susanna racing to get back to Brighton so she can  get everything back on track. But, Nathaniel isn't there. 

This short, but romance packed novella is one you will enjoy reading. God's word is laced throughout the whole story putting everything into it's proper perspective. The most romantic act Nathaniel can think of may cost him political trouble, but it's worth it to him. Susanna and Nathaniel bring a true, unconditional love to life for the reader. I loved how prevalent scripture was in the story; reminding everyone what the focus of their lives should always be. That, and life doesn't always go the way you think it should- or would.

Fans of Rachel Hauck will embrace this novella. It will make you feel empowered, and happy, all at the same time. It was wonderful to revisit Susanna and Nathaniel's story. I loved how Rachel brings the whole Royal-falling-for-a commoner story into real life- with all the realities it comes with. I bet Princess Kate could relate to this story very well.

Thrown for a Curve by Sugar Jamison

February 24, 2014

I can sum up "Thrown for a Curve" by describing it as being amazing with laughs along the way! This was a first book I've read by Sugar Jamison and it had my sides hurting by laughing so hard! There were some bumps along the way, but this was a phenomenal read and I definitely see myself adding this book to my collection!

Cherri (Charlotte) Rudy is a 22 year old 6 foot tall girl who is an extraordinary painter and has a kick ass personality. She is very giving and would do anything for her friends and family. Since her mother left her as a child, she was raised by her grandparents. However, her grandfather died some time ago so her Ukrainian Grandma "Baba" was the person there for her. Baba is hilariously funny! I loved her, I could see myself getting along with her just nicely. Baba doesn't care what anyone thinks, she says what's on her mind. She admits that she's old so she will do what she wants. She says some of the oddest phrases: my favorites being: "We can be friends with insurance" - aka friends with benefits! Or "Stay away or I'll cut off your acorns" - aka cut off your nuts!

Cherri works at Size Me Up and there meets the owners Ellis and Belinda. They are a great group of girls and they immediately became friends. Ellis is married with Mike, and through Mike she meets Colin O'Connell.

Colin O'Connell is a 34 year old Irish man who owns his own restoration shop called Stone Barley Restorations. He's a tad shy and like Cherri, didn't have the best upbringing as a child. His mother left him when he was a baby and his father was the biggest womanizer, not able to hold a girl very long. After Colin found his father having sex with own girlfriend, he went to America and met another girl named Serena who he thought he would eventually marry. However, when coming home early one weekend he found out that she also was having affairs behind his back. So he thought he would never ever settle down.

Colin and Cherri met and immediately he had an attraction for the tall bombshell. She never thought of herself as pretty or sexy considering her curves or height, but Colin thought otherwise. He never considered going out with her due to the 12 year age difference; he thought she deserved someone closer to his age. However, Colin was there to help her on some occasions: when her dog ran away, gave her a little extra money by hiring her to paint some restoration items at his shop, assisted when Baba was having some medical problems, and one night when a date Cherri went on went horribly wrong. That night Colin saved her and things between them forever changed.

There are several plot twists in ways I never expected, and I found myself laughing more often than not. At times I got misty eyed (which hardly happens in books), and I even found myself cursing as someone from the past comes to make some trouble. Colin and Cherri were so stubborn at times that I just wanted to smack them! Thrown for a Curve is really the perfect name for this book! I couldn't put it down!! Cherri and Colin were the perfect friends and every good relationship is based off friendship so it just warmed my heart when I was reading about the passion they both had. I look forward to reading more books by Sugar!

The Debt of Tamar by Nicole Dweck

February 19, 2014

When my co-blogger Jenifer told me I had to read this book, I knew it would be a good one. She always knows which ones I will love. Needless to say, she didn't let me down! This was DEFINITELY an amazing book and one in which I couldn't put down. Let's just say I had an unproductive day at work and decided to read this book in a little over 1 day :) This will be added to my book collection in my room very shortly.

This book takes you through several generations, each connecting with one another. It's about cause and effect, choices and consequences. It centers on how one action and its effects can span future generations. I loved seeing how everything was related and how the actions which occurred in the past still had very much of an impact in present day life.

The Debt of Tamar starts off in the 16th century when the Nissim family (Reyna, Jose, and his aunt Dona Antonia) are fleeding to Istanbul to escape religious persecution. From there, they are safe under the protection of Suleiman the Magnificent. There, Reyna and Jose fell in love and after 4 years and 3 unsuccessful attempts, she finally had a girl - Tamar.

As Tamar was growing up, the Sultan's wife, NurBanu Sultana, offered Reyna and invitation for Tamar to be educated inside the harem alongside the other royal children. Without being disrespectful, Reyna and Jose unwillingly gave their consent not knowing that Tamar would live at the harem herself. 10 years pass, and as Tamar grew up she became close to the Sultan's son, Murat. Before Murat was shipped out of the palace (when princes start growing old they are not allowed to stay), they both knew they loved one another and Murat gave Tamar a ruby ring with an inscription on it and stated that in a year they would wed. However, when Jose found out about his daughter's arrangement he quickly sent Tamar off to stay in Tiberius. Jose lied to the Sultan stating that his daughter died of a fever which he in turn told Murat. Murat had a dream shortly after, and after the consultation with a dream interpreter, he found out about the debt. "His forefathers have saved her and her people. The Nissim children will carry this debt through time until it's repaid. When you save a soul, you do so by making it part of your own. When you save a life, you save it forever. Tamar will inherit the debt of her father, and Murat will inherit the deed." Thus begins the tragic love story of Tamar and Murat.

Fast forward to present day to Selim Osman, the sole living descendent of the Ottoman Sultan. He meets the daughter of a French holocaust survivor. Nothing but bad things have happened to Selim so could the love of this couple set them free from an evil that has followed these two families throughout the ages? Will this debt every be repaid?

What a beautiful book! The Debt of Tamar is an experience, it transports you across borders and cultures. Nicole Dweck pulls the reader in from the first page up until the last word. The way she describes the characters, places, and surroundings is so beautifully written they are very easy to imagine. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to escape to another place and time!


February 17, 2014

By: Barbara Taylor Bradford
Novella- Kindle only

On the surface, Claire Saunders has it all. She has a rewarding career in fashion and a talented concert pianist daughter. Her loving husband is one of the country’s most trusted diplomats. 

She thinks she’s hidden her secret from her best friends, but they know her too well. 

Can her friends get her out of harm’s way and protect her from a man who is as ruthless as he is charming and powerful?  ---- publisher's description

Barabra Taylor Bradford has released a novella! To my knowledge, it's her first! This mini book centers around Claire and Mark Saunders. Married for awhile, Claire has been the perfect, supportive wife. Mark's job as a Special Advisor to the President on Middle East Affairs is a stressful one. However, it isn't his job that is the root of his changes.

Claire thought she kept her secret from most of her friends, however, they all knew what was going on. Only one friend would openly acknowledge reality. But they are all about to band together and resort to some drastic measures in order to keep their beloved friend safe. But can they do it? Will the wrong people catch on to them? Will Claire ever be free from her nightmare?

This novella was a great read. I felt it was a departure from her recent books. I loved the dynamic of the 4 friends. The camaraderie was inspiring. Girl power at it's finest. I'm saddened you can only get this novella on the Kindle. I think any e-reader should carry it, but that isn't up to me. 

Barbara Taylor Bradford has been one of my favorite authors for years, and she didn't disappoint with Hidden.

The Debt of Tamar

February 15, 2014

The Debt of Tamar
By: Nicole Dweck
224 Pages

During the second half of the 16th century, a wealthy widow by the name of Doña Antonia Nissim is arrested and charged with being a secret Jew. The punishment? Death by burning. Enter Suleiman the Magnificent, an Ottoman "Schindler," and the most celebrated sultan in all of Turkish history. With the help of the Sultan, the widow and her children manage their escape to Istanbul. Life is seemingly idyllic for the family in their new home, that is, until the Sultan's son meets and falls in love with Tamar, Doña Antonia's beautiful and free-spirited granddaughter. A quiet love affair ensues until one day, the girl vanishes.
Over four centuries later, thirty-two year old Selim Osman, a playboy prince with a thriving real estate empire, is suddenly diagnosed with a life-threatening condition. Abandoning the mother of his unborn child, he vanishes from Istanbul without an explanation. In a Manhattan hospital, he meets Hannah, a talented artist and the daughter of a French Holocaust survivor.
As their story intertwines with that of their ancestors, readers are taken back to Nazi-occupied Paris, and to a seaside village in the Holy Land where a world of secrets is illuminated. Theirs is a love that has been dormant for centuries, spanning continents, generations, oceans, and religions. Bound by a debt that has lingered through time, they must right the wrongs of the past if they're ever to break the shackles of their future.  ---courtesy of Publishers

The Debt of Tamar may be author Nicole Dweck's first novel, but you would never know it. She writes beautifully, lyrically. She tells a story that pulls you in from the beginning and keeps you glued. This talented author takes you to the corners of the world, spans centuries of time, and you are her willing companions every step of the journey. This amazing book is told in several parts, each being dedicated to an important character within the story. 

I warn you, it's very difficult to do this book justice in a review. I don't want to give anything away, yet not give a good description of the story.I loved every single page of this book. In fact, i took 5 1/2 pages of notes while reading it. There is so much that happens between the book's covers. I didn't want to put it down.

The central theme of the book is how one act can alter the lives of so many. One decision changes the lives- present and future. What is done out of love and protection of someone you love can set into motion a chain reaction.

Jose's parents make a choice that impacts their son's life. When he has a daughter, he makes a devastating decision that impacts numerous lives and futures. Throughout the book you see this common thread within the characters. Each one's actions set in motion a chain reaction.

As I read Jose's story, I was all over the emotional map. The highs of his joys, and the lows of his heartbreak. His bravery was inspiring, and the pride he takes in his Jewish faith is remarkable. He's devastated when he sees a public execution of unrepentant Jews in Portugal, 1592 and it stays with him. He learns the truth of his own heritage, and doesn't look back.

The story takes a devastating turn when he sends his only daughter away so she can't marry the Sultan's son she's in love with. This is where you see the biggest chain reaction. From this decision, lives are affected for generations to come.

Nicole Dweck takes you all over the world, through centuries of time. You will become immersed in the Jewish culture, Turkish Sultan life, and more. You will become glued to the characters, and the story they unfold. 

I apologize, this review doesn't begin to do the book justice. There is so much that happens within the book's 224 pages. It is a spellbinding read that you will not want to put down. You will see how one person's actions affect the world around them. Like me, you will be hooked and endure a journey of love, heartbreak, and strength.

Wild on You by Tina Wainscott

February 14, 2014

One look at the cover and I knew I had to read what this book was about, and upon finishing the summary I wanted to dive into this beauty right away! 

Risk Yarbrough is a discharged Seal who is now working for Chase Justiss and the Justiss Alliance. When he hears of his first assignment he isn't too thrilled: acting as a body guard to Addie Wunder who is an animal rights activist and will do anything to save them. Addie's ex-military father hires Risk to protect her after she was involved in a hit and run and worries that people are out there that want to hurt her (she even has a list of them!). Wanting to prove himself to the organization, he accepts the case. However, when he first glances at her picture through her facebook page, he didn't mind it as much. Addie is a little spitfire girl who loves animals and goes out of her way to protect them. The plot revolves around them finding and saving a tiger named Tigs, combined with the conspiracy of Addie's old nemesis who wants to seek revenge. The romance between Risk and Addie is a little game of ping pong at times, the mixed signals could be a little confusing to keep up with but when they get hot, man they get hot! This is a first in it's series and I'm excited to see how the series unravels!

There is plenty of action and a few twists and turns along the road to keep it interesting! This is a first story I read by Tina Wainscott and I loved it!

Joint Review: Lost Lake

Lost Lake
By: Sarah Addison Allen
294 Pages

In 1962, newlywed couple George and Eby spend their honeymoon gallivanting around Europe. Taking in the sights, sending mementos home to the U.S., and saving a brokenhearted Lisette from jumping off the Bridge of the Untrue. Their honeymoon comes to an abrupt end once they learn a family member has died. Tired of Eby's greedy family, they give away all their money and leave. They trade Atlanta for obscure Lost Lake. When her niece, Kate, wakes up from mourning her husband's death, she finds an old postcard from Lost Lake. She packs herself, and her daughter, Devin to spend the day there. It isn't long before they learn why several others stay at Lost Lake. They, too, all fell under the welcoming spell it holds for those who are lost and finding their way.

Sarah's back after a several year break. Having to face the battle of her life with breast cancer, it's no surprise her newest book centers around those who are lost and finding their way in life again. While we felt it didn't have the magical enchantment of previous books, like Garden Spells, Lost Lake did have a magic all it's own.

George and Eby are blissfully taking their time getting lost all over the European continent. Their families are waiting their return to Atlanta, but the couple repeatedly prolongs their stay. However, not everything they see is happy. While walking on the legendary Bridge of Untrue, they see a girl standing on the edge. Tears fall down her face, and she jumps. Lisette can't speak, and felt the boy she loved was better off without her. The day after she writes him a note telling him this, he commits suicide. She walks to the bridge, and jumps off in front of George and Eby. They save her and now have a companion for life.

Their bliss comes to an end when Eby receives a letter that her sister's husband fell to his death. They return to be there for her. Her greedy family is more than they can take, so they sell their house, give away their money, and move to an out of the way swamp property called Lost Lake. Years later, Eby's sister and niece, Kate, visit. Their stay is cut short, but Lost Lake leaves a lasting impression on Kate. 

Kate has spent the past year asleep. Once her husband died, Kate went into a fog and let her controlling Mother-in-law take over Kate's life, and her daughter, Devin. Now leaving their house, Devin finds an old postcard addressed to Kate from Eby, welcoming her back to the lake any time. The two decide to go there for the day.

Kate and Devin meet the Lost Lake's most loyal customers- including childhood crush, Wes, who never really got over Kate. Each visitor has their own past and demons they have struggled with. And each found the home they didn't home at Lost Lake. Surrounded by these people, Kate finds home. 

We enjoyed Lost Lake. The cast of characters are a variety of breathes life into a place you wouldn't expect to find it in. Watching Wes resolve his past demons that have chased him was touching. Selma brings the oddity factor with her bracelet of 8 charms- for husbands. Learning Lisette's story is heartbreaking, but rejuvenating at the same time. We loved Kate's daughter, Devin. her wild, carefree clothing choices matched her personality. This little girl may be young, but she was wise beyond her years. You loved her adventurous soul, and loved watching it come to life. 

Like all of Sarah Addison Allen's books, Lost Lake is a quick read. The middle lagged a bit, but the beginning and ending keep you glued. While some parts of the story were predictable, you didn't care. You loved being with these characters.

Take a Chance on Me by Jennifer Dawson

February 4, 2014

One word to describe this book - AMAZING!! Loved it from start to finish! Just finishing another mystery book, I wanted to immerse myself into a romance novel and I chose the perfect one! I've never heard of Jennifer Dawson before but she will be on my must read list going forward!

Maddie Donavon is a runaway bride. She ran out on her wedding after realizing that she felt trapt, she wasn't happy with who she was marrying even though her family basically adopted him. Having her car break down in the middle of a small town, she walks into a bar and wants a drink. (Who wouldn't want a drink? I would be doing the same thing!) There she meets Mitch Riley, the hunky owner who used to spend his days as a lawyer before some drama made him choose another path. Immediately they feel a connection, and with no money or no place to stay for the night, Mitch offers his place for her to crash. They begin a winded romance that even had me breathless at times. Their past slowly unravels, giving each the courage and closure that one another needs.

I was completely drawn into the book and couldn't put it down! With the characters and their funny personalities, it makes me want to move into a small town and have them as my neighbors! I look forward to reading many more novels by Jennifer!

Cursed by Cupid by Wendy Sparrow

February 3, 2014

First off, before reading the summary I TOTALLY related to just the name of the book! I've thought I myself have been cursed with love numerous of times! This was a short book (took me about 45 mins to read) but it was definitely not short of any exciting action!

This book is about Tilly who truly believes she has been cursed by Cupid since she failed to forward a chain letter to 3 people she received a few years back. Coincidentally just when she decided to ignore this message, she became much more clumsy and couldn't get a 2nd date with guys.

Fast forward to present day: while leaving her karate class one day, she goes to the local embroidery shop to get her karate gi patch fixed. However, she didn't make it to the store door in the most ladylike fashion: she was carrying a chocolate milkshake and after tripping, she sent it soaring over herself and the door. Luckily the store owner, Bryant Murphy, was there to save the day and allowed her get changed and cleaned up. Surprisingly he was very fascinated by her and asked her out on a date. She tried to warn him of the curse that she under but he still persisted on that date.

There were a couple more trips and falls that ensued: a blind date that with another man, Cody, that went horribly wrong, flying shrimp, bumping into the door numerous times, a hospital visit, and a flying sword. I couldn't stop laughing at the stuff I was reading! I know I'm a very clumsy girl, but poor Tilly! It seemed like nothing ever went her way. I thought Bryant was such a gentleman and very cute...he even brought her a good luck package consisting of several items. My favorite being a mistletoe - his excuse: since he wasn't sure if she kissed on a first date, he brought it hoping he would be lucky!

Cursed with Cupid was such a cute read! Although I wished it was a tad longer, I really enjoyed the laughs and the storyline! Just makes me hope none of my friends decides to send me one of those chain letters!

Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart: How To Know For Sure You Are Saved

February 1, 2014

I realize religion may be a taboo subject for some blogs. However, this is an issue I've experienced along with many other of my readers. This is a subject that has come up within my circles of contact with others. For this reason I am sharing this book with you. I've been around numerous people who have voiced their feelings, questions, and concerns about the very subject this book tackles. If you are among those who can find peace of mind within the pages of this book, I invite you to read it. 

Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart: 
How To Know For Sure You Are Saved
By: J.D. Greear
121 Pages

This book explains to you, in very simple terms, how to know whether you have been saved or not. Sometimes doubt creeps in, and messes with your certainty. Sometimes you think you have it figured out, only to learn you don't. This book was written to replace the doubt and questions. It lets you know what the Bible means by asking Christ into your heart. While different Pastors and churches may present it in different ways, the Bible has never wavered from it's definition. 

As a Christian, I have spent plenty of time within the confines of uncertainty over whether or not I truly am saved. This is an important subject, but I would go back and forth between sure and unsure of where I will spend eternity. I knew where I wanted to go, but wasn't always sure that was where I would go. I found the Bible to be a little confusing on the subject. So, years upon years would pass with me still unsure. However, Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart: How To Know For Sure You Are Saved has been a Godsend.

J.D. Greear is no stranger to the confusion and uncertainty about the very subject he writes. The book informs you of his own path to getting the final answer- a road that travels into baptism waters 4 times. He tackles all the areas that have brought confusion for himself, and many others.So many times I felt like the author was talking about me! 

Mr. Greear doesn't write with judgement, but with understanding. Having been there in the readers shoes, he can relate to what you are feeling. He takes you by the hand and gives you the Bible's facts- no one else's. 

From navigating the doubtful times, to finding out if you have been Falsely Assured. I couldn't put this book down. So many questions of my own found answers. I not only used my eReader highlighter feature for the first time, but I got really good at it. J.D. Greear doesn't shy away from breaking down the very verses that can bring confusion. 

I hope you find peace of mind in this book, if Salvation is a subject you are wrestling with. 

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