Twelve to Murder by Lauren Carr

February 27, 2014

Mac Faraday is definitely becoming one of my favorite detectives! As much as I enjoyed reading "The Lady Who Cried Murder" just the other day, I couldn't put "Twelve to Murder" down! I was left sitting on the edge of my chair trying to find out what would happen next!

The book starts with Derrick coming home one morning after a date night to find that his parents, Janice and Austin, had been murdered and the name "Lenny" was found written in blood. Lenny was a former child star and teen idol and was very familiar with the family. So naturally when Derrick told the police that he was the star suspect, he was desperate to prove his innocence. How did he do it you might ask? Well naturally, he took several people hostage in a pub and demanded that the police find the real killer! They have 12 hours until midnight or he would start shooting the hostages. Personally when I was reading about the hostage situation, IF I had to be involved in one, I would probably want Lenny to be in charge! Not only did the hostages get full range of the bar and the beer, they were able to watch the baseball game on TV, and they received some steak dinners from the local Spencer Inn! Wow talk about living the life of luxury in a time of crisis!

So both David O'Callaghan and Mac Faraday are back in action and do what they do best: investigate and solve some mysteries! They soon discover that this double murder could open up some older cases and suspicions that haven't quite been resolved: murders, kidnapping, and drug dealing of course. A trifecta!

I really love the style of Lauren's writing and the way it flowed from one event to the next was amazingly written. I kept telling myself I would close the book after the next chapter; however, every time one chapter ended I was anxious to start the next! This suspenseful book was filled with twists, turns, and lots of action! The Mac Faraday series is an amazing read for a mystery lover, but this book can stand alone if you have not read any other books in its series. Lauren definitely knows how to bring you into the story and leaves you wanting more!


Lauren Carr on February 27, 2014 at 11:20 AM said...

So glad you enjoyed Twelve to Murder, Debbie! It is a treat to learn that Mac Faraday is becoming one of your favorite detectives!

Teena in Toronto on March 29, 2014 at 7:27 AM said...

I enjoyed this book :)

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