Joint Review: Lost Lake

February 14, 2014

Lost Lake
By: Sarah Addison Allen
294 Pages

In 1962, newlywed couple George and Eby spend their honeymoon gallivanting around Europe. Taking in the sights, sending mementos home to the U.S., and saving a brokenhearted Lisette from jumping off the Bridge of the Untrue. Their honeymoon comes to an abrupt end once they learn a family member has died. Tired of Eby's greedy family, they give away all their money and leave. They trade Atlanta for obscure Lost Lake. When her niece, Kate, wakes up from mourning her husband's death, she finds an old postcard from Lost Lake. She packs herself, and her daughter, Devin to spend the day there. It isn't long before they learn why several others stay at Lost Lake. They, too, all fell under the welcoming spell it holds for those who are lost and finding their way.

Sarah's back after a several year break. Having to face the battle of her life with breast cancer, it's no surprise her newest book centers around those who are lost and finding their way in life again. While we felt it didn't have the magical enchantment of previous books, like Garden Spells, Lost Lake did have a magic all it's own.

George and Eby are blissfully taking their time getting lost all over the European continent. Their families are waiting their return to Atlanta, but the couple repeatedly prolongs their stay. However, not everything they see is happy. While walking on the legendary Bridge of Untrue, they see a girl standing on the edge. Tears fall down her face, and she jumps. Lisette can't speak, and felt the boy she loved was better off without her. The day after she writes him a note telling him this, he commits suicide. She walks to the bridge, and jumps off in front of George and Eby. They save her and now have a companion for life.

Their bliss comes to an end when Eby receives a letter that her sister's husband fell to his death. They return to be there for her. Her greedy family is more than they can take, so they sell their house, give away their money, and move to an out of the way swamp property called Lost Lake. Years later, Eby's sister and niece, Kate, visit. Their stay is cut short, but Lost Lake leaves a lasting impression on Kate. 

Kate has spent the past year asleep. Once her husband died, Kate went into a fog and let her controlling Mother-in-law take over Kate's life, and her daughter, Devin. Now leaving their house, Devin finds an old postcard addressed to Kate from Eby, welcoming her back to the lake any time. The two decide to go there for the day.

Kate and Devin meet the Lost Lake's most loyal customers- including childhood crush, Wes, who never really got over Kate. Each visitor has their own past and demons they have struggled with. And each found the home they didn't home at Lost Lake. Surrounded by these people, Kate finds home. 

We enjoyed Lost Lake. The cast of characters are a variety of breathes life into a place you wouldn't expect to find it in. Watching Wes resolve his past demons that have chased him was touching. Selma brings the oddity factor with her bracelet of 8 charms- for husbands. Learning Lisette's story is heartbreaking, but rejuvenating at the same time. We loved Kate's daughter, Devin. her wild, carefree clothing choices matched her personality. This little girl may be young, but she was wise beyond her years. You loved her adventurous soul, and loved watching it come to life. 

Like all of Sarah Addison Allen's books, Lost Lake is a quick read. The middle lagged a bit, but the beginning and ending keep you glued. While some parts of the story were predictable, you didn't care. You loved being with these characters.


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