Cursed by Cupid by Wendy Sparrow

February 3, 2014

First off, before reading the summary I TOTALLY related to just the name of the book! I've thought I myself have been cursed with love numerous of times! This was a short book (took me about 45 mins to read) but it was definitely not short of any exciting action!

This book is about Tilly who truly believes she has been cursed by Cupid since she failed to forward a chain letter to 3 people she received a few years back. Coincidentally just when she decided to ignore this message, she became much more clumsy and couldn't get a 2nd date with guys.

Fast forward to present day: while leaving her karate class one day, she goes to the local embroidery shop to get her karate gi patch fixed. However, she didn't make it to the store door in the most ladylike fashion: she was carrying a chocolate milkshake and after tripping, she sent it soaring over herself and the door. Luckily the store owner, Bryant Murphy, was there to save the day and allowed her get changed and cleaned up. Surprisingly he was very fascinated by her and asked her out on a date. She tried to warn him of the curse that she under but he still persisted on that date.

There were a couple more trips and falls that ensued: a blind date that with another man, Cody, that went horribly wrong, flying shrimp, bumping into the door numerous times, a hospital visit, and a flying sword. I couldn't stop laughing at the stuff I was reading! I know I'm a very clumsy girl, but poor Tilly! It seemed like nothing ever went her way. I thought Bryant was such a gentleman and very cute...he even brought her a good luck package consisting of several items. My favorite being a mistletoe - his excuse: since he wasn't sure if she kissed on a first date, he brought it hoping he would be lucky!

Cursed with Cupid was such a cute read! Although I wished it was a tad longer, I really enjoyed the laughs and the storyline! Just makes me hope none of my friends decides to send me one of those chain letters!


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