Take a Chance on Me by Jennifer Dawson

February 4, 2014

One word to describe this book - AMAZING!! Loved it from start to finish! Just finishing another mystery book, I wanted to immerse myself into a romance novel and I chose the perfect one! I've never heard of Jennifer Dawson before but she will be on my must read list going forward!

Maddie Donavon is a runaway bride. She ran out on her wedding after realizing that she felt trapt, she wasn't happy with who she was marrying even though her family basically adopted him. Having her car break down in the middle of a small town, she walks into a bar and wants a drink. (Who wouldn't want a drink? I would be doing the same thing!) There she meets Mitch Riley, the hunky owner who used to spend his days as a lawyer before some drama made him choose another path. Immediately they feel a connection, and with no money or no place to stay for the night, Mitch offers his place for her to crash. They begin a winded romance that even had me breathless at times. Their past slowly unravels, giving each the courage and closure that one another needs.

I was completely drawn into the book and couldn't put it down! With the characters and their funny personalities, it makes me want to move into a small town and have them as my neighbors! I look forward to reading many more novels by Jennifer!


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