February 17, 2014

By: Barbara Taylor Bradford
Novella- Kindle only

On the surface, Claire Saunders has it all. She has a rewarding career in fashion and a talented concert pianist daughter. Her loving husband is one of the country’s most trusted diplomats. 

She thinks she’s hidden her secret from her best friends, but they know her too well. 

Can her friends get her out of harm’s way and protect her from a man who is as ruthless as he is charming and powerful?  ---- publisher's description

Barabra Taylor Bradford has released a novella! To my knowledge, it's her first! This mini book centers around Claire and Mark Saunders. Married for awhile, Claire has been the perfect, supportive wife. Mark's job as a Special Advisor to the President on Middle East Affairs is a stressful one. However, it isn't his job that is the root of his changes.

Claire thought she kept her secret from most of her friends, however, they all knew what was going on. Only one friend would openly acknowledge reality. But they are all about to band together and resort to some drastic measures in order to keep their beloved friend safe. But can they do it? Will the wrong people catch on to them? Will Claire ever be free from her nightmare?

This novella was a great read. I felt it was a departure from her recent books. I loved the dynamic of the 4 friends. The camaraderie was inspiring. Girl power at it's finest. I'm saddened you can only get this novella on the Kindle. I think any e-reader should carry it, but that isn't up to me. 

Barbara Taylor Bradford has been one of my favorite authors for years, and she didn't disappoint with Hidden.


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