Paper Towns by John Green

August 18, 2015

Hello fellow book lovers!

Sad to say, but I've been on somewhat of a book hiatus for a bit but I'm back!!

One afternoon when I was at the movies, I saw previews for Paper Towns...It looked so captivating where I knew I had to read this book. The next day I happened to be in Target, saw the book on it's shelf, and BAM it somehow ended up in my cart. Funny how that happens!?

The moment I started reading this book I was hooked. The way John brings the characters into the story is amazing! I've never read any other John Green book so I can't compare, but overall I enjoyed it.

The Characters/Plot: The main characters: Margot and Q, next door neighbors. One night she brings Q into her own little world and gives him an adventure of a lifetime. Going to people's houses, pranking them, breaking into Sea World, you get the idea :) The next day at school Margot vanishes - what could have happened?! That's when Q finds clues which leads him, with the help of his friends, on a hunt to find her. 

I really liked Q and all his friends, and the idea of Margo Roth Spiegelman and how everyone had their own idea of her, but none of those theories were the real her. She lived to fit into people's expectations of her, but in the end, all she wanted was to be free.

Overall, I would recommend this to everyone who hasn't read it yet. Don't really expect a lot of romance, this book is more about the adventure.Although I wasn't a fan of the ending, I thought it was a nice light read!

Happy reading!

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