Living A Chocolate Life

February 23, 2015

Living A Chocolate Life
By: Deb Burma
108 Pages

Fun, friendly, and engaging, Living a Chocolate Life invites women to savor God’s rich and endless supply of grace in Christ. Whether they're sampling everything from bitter nuggets of pain to sweet morsels of joy, this study reminds them that the Holy Spirit fills us with sweet faith in our Savior–and it is only He who can truly satisfy.  -- publisher's description

Being the chocolate lover that I am, I could not pass this Bible Study up! I was immediately intrigued to see how the author was going to tie God and chocolate together. Turns out, she didn't it very well! 

This 8 week study is perfect for a small group, but also can be done by yourself. You will explore themes such as:
  •  Like Chocolate has a pleasant aroma, we bring a pleasant aroma to God, and those around us.
  • How our words can be a touch of salt to the people who hear them
  • We have several types of cravings: spiritual, physical, emotional- to name a few. But what do we do when they reach an unhealthy point?
  • How can we decipher between real & imitation Christianity? 
  • Life, like chocolate, has bitter morsels from time to time. 
I really enjoyed ready this book. It was fun to have a chocolate theme to tie everything to. Not to mention, the fun tidbits within each session, and ice breaker activities to share within a group. And did I mention all the chocolate recipes this book has?! 

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did. I have no doubt I will be buying this book when it comes out. I look forward to reading it with a group of friends. 

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