Hannah's Hope

October 18, 2014

Hannah's Hope 
By: Karen Kingsbury
103 Pages

Hannah Roberts is used to coming home to an empty mansion. What she isn't used to is finding out the man she always thought was her father, really isn't. Now she's on a desperate mission to find her real father. Will she be reunited with the man she hasn't seen in 11 years? 

This was my first Karen Kingsbury book, but I can assure you it won't be my last. I was immediately sucked into Hannah's story. Karen knows how to tell a moving story, all while keeping you glued to the book. Her characters are all real, and you become invested in them. The story was a moving one that breezed you through one emotion after another. You may not know what will happen next, or how the story will end, but you don't give up hope- just like Hannah didn't.

Hannah Roberts is the daughter of political parents. Her father is the US Ambassador for Sweden, and her mother has political aspirations of her own. Only in the same country as Hannah twice a year, Hannah has learned to keep herself so busy she doesn't have time to be lonely.

But everything changes when she receives an email from her mother informing her they won't be coming home for Christmas. Her response isn't what her Mother was expecting. It finally dawns on Carol, Hannah's mom, that her daughter may be lonely. Her solution? To inform Hannah that the father she always thought was her dad really isn't. Sending an envelope with the news, a few pictures, and very little else, Carol thought this would ease the loneliness. Instead, Hannah's search for her father, who enlisted in the Army, goes on National TV as part of a campaign to air messages for the soldiers to see overseas. 

Mike Meade has spent the past 11 years never forgetting his daughter. When searches for her turned up fruitless, he just kept going. Everywhere he went, his brown bag of mementos from her went with him. As the years passed, his hope in ever seeing her again did as well. Throwing himself into his pilot job for the Army, Mike grew a successful career. Never did he think when he set off for the most dangerous mission of his career that he had anything to lose. In fact, he insisted on going because he had no family waiting for him to return. But he sees the video message- just before he leaves. 

Mike's mission goes horribly wrong. He's captured. Once again, his hope of ever seeing Hannah again begins to fade. But, God works miracles for those who believe. And what he does for Hannah and Mike is nothing short of the Christmas miracle Hannah prays for.

I think you will love this Christmas book as much as I did. Like me, you will get lost in this story and have to remind yourself to breathe. Karen Kingsbury has been given a tremendous gift by God, and she uses it to illustrate His love. It comes shining through in Hannah's Hope. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, and that you read more of her work. I know I will.

Mr. Miracle

October 12, 2014

Mr. Miracle
By: Debbie Macomber
272 Pages
Reviewed by: Betsey Brooks

I just finished reading "Mr. Miracle", Debbie Macomber's newest Christmas Angel book. What a treat you are in for. This angel's assignment is nothing like it sounds.
Harry Mills has just gotten the best job for Christmas: being a guardian angel! He is sent to help Addie Folsom and Erich Simmons celebrate Christmas. Harry figures this is going to be a cinch. Much to his surprise he discovers that Addie loathes Erich. This guardian angel business is definitely not the cinch Harry thought it would be. It 's a good thing he finds some help, but in a most unusual person.

Abbie arrived home to surprise her mother for Christmas and planned on staying so she could get her life together. She is greeted by a weeping mother who's plans to go on a Christmas cruiser with her best friend has just fallen through. Her friend is Erich Simmons' mom. Erich was in an accident and now needs some help. His mom just can't go off and leave him to fend for himself. After much soul searching, Addie volunteers to help Erich so the moms can go on their cruise. This doesn't set well with either Erich or Addie, but they come to an agreement. After all they are adults.

Harry has his hands full teaching at the local college, and trying to bring Addie and Erich out of the past and into the joys of Christmas. Lots of changes must come about on this Christmas assignment, including changes in Harry.

Debbie Macomber's "Mr. Miracle" is a wonderful Christmas tale at it's best. I smiled all the way through and didn't want to put it down. Snuggle in for a great Christmas read.

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