The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks

December 3, 2013

I have been a Nicholas Sparks lover ever since I first saw the movie "A Walk to Remember." I still remember my sister making fun of me during the movie as I was bawling away. I couldn't stop crying as I was thinking how romantic and perfect that story was! The love that is portrayed in his books is something I could only hope for! At that point I was determined to read his book, and from there I have enjoyed each and every one. I have my own Nicholas Sparks collection on my bookshelf, about 15 or 16 now! He doesn't disappoint to those romantic inspired readers :)

Although this book was slightly different than his usually books, it didn't disappoint! This book has 2 story lines...Ira and Ruth, and Luke and Sophia. I really enjoyed both love stories and the way in which each was told. One story showed a lifetime of love while the other was the beginning. I admit, I enjoyed reading Luke and Sophia's storyline a little more, them being so young and new in love was something I found cute and romantic. However, Ira and Sophia's love was endearing and something I could only dream of having when I am old. I knew the story lines had to connect somehow, and the way Mr. Sparks ended the book was something I was suspecting; however, I loved how they came together! The ending was so perfect!

Another book now sits beautifully on my shelf. I have already told my sister that she will be loving this one as well and she has insisted on borrowing it next time I see her (I think she has borrowed all of my books by Mr. Sparks so far so I'm not surprised). I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did!

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