Baby Santa's Worldwide Christmas Adventure by M. Maitland DeLand

October 31, 2013

Now that the holidays are just around the corner, I can't help but get excited for what's to come: decorations, music, movies, foods, the scents, and especially books! I decided to get my feet wet with the holiday season of books by being allowed to review this gem! Its a quick easy read and the pictures just add to the whole feeling :)

Santa has a problem! His sleigh is broken and will not be repaired for the Christmas Eve trip. However, Baby Santa comes to the rescue! He suggests that Santa takes advantage of the different means of transportation that is available in each country that Santa will be visiting. Baby Santa also comes along for the ride by carrying the sack of toys for Santa. This was truly an educational story as well since you see the various means of transportation in which each country utilizes: Camels in Egypt, Jeeps in Australia, Trains in Japan, etc. I really enjoyed reading this book about hope and passion! A perfect story to begin my holiday book reading!

Morning Glory by Sarah Jio

October 28, 2013

Sarah Jio is by far one of my favorite authors! When I was granted the permission to review the advanced copy I was more than excited to start on this book right away. This is my 5th book I have read by her -  4 I own, and I have already pre-ordered this one since I knew it wouldn’t disappoint!
I love the style in which Sarah writes her books: the characters she vividly describes, the emotions they experience, and the environment in which it takes place is written in a very detailed way which makes it a perfect read for any reader. She writes in a way that truly gets you involved in the story! I couldn’t help but want to drop everything I was doing on the weekend just to finish it!
This is a heartwarming story of love and loss. There are 2 main characters in the story: Penny Wentworth, a 1950’s housewife, and Ada Santorini, editor of Sunrise magazine. Penny seems to have it all: an artist husband who takes care of her even when he is absent, a beautiful home (a houseboat they live on), and she has a genuine sweet-hearted nature for those around her. However, when she disappears after a party no one on Boat Street will speak of what happened.
Then there is Ada Santorini. Ada has lost everything: her husband and her precious little girl. Leaving the memories behind, she quits her fancy New Year job and moves to Seattle into a houseboat on Boat Street. There she finds mystery, a community, and maybe a new love. Will she solve the mystery of boat street and re-build her life at the same time?
The story ends with an unexpected twist that leaves the reader EXTREMELY satisfied. Morning Glory was another fabulous love story, DEFINITELY a must read!!! I look forward to adding this to my Sarah Jio book collection!

Starry Night

October 8, 2013

Starry Night
By: Debbie Macomber
256 Pages
Reviewed By: Betsey Brooks

You are in for a treat. Debbie Macomber's new book, Starry Night, is a delight! In her usual way Debbie captures you and off you go to the wilds of Alaska with Carrie Slayton. 

Carrie wants to report on major events, but so far she is stuck being a social reporter for the Chicago Sun-Times. She makes the decision to return to her hometown of Seattle  and  hopes there she will have an opportunity to  report on major events.  

Her boss throws her off when he tells her she can pick any assignment if she interviews Finn Dalton, author of the bestselling book Alone. Carrie had never heard of the author or the book and figures she can easily pull this assignment off over the Thanksgiving weekend. Then she discovers that no one knows where he is- or has talked to him. All communication is done by computer. 

After much research Carrie gets a lead and a request to make a delivery to Finn. Thanksgiving weekend finds her in Fairbanks and eventually being dropped off on a frozen lake. Finn's welcome is just as cold as the snow storm she is dropped into. Finn and Carrie both discover they have a lot to learn about life and each other. 

What did she have to deliver? Who are the people that help her?  In the end, why didn't she write the article when she returned? Settle into your favorite reading spot and join Carrie on her Alaskan adventure.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Darcy

October 1, 2013

Happy Birthday Mr. Darcy
By: Victoria Connelly
Kindle Ebook only

The Austen Addicts we've come to know and love are back! This novella brings back some of our favorite characters from the series for a wedding that may not happen. Readers of A Weekend With Mr. Darcy  and Christmas With Mr. Darcy  will love catching up with Katherine Roberts and Warwick Lawton. They are getting married!! (Hopefully)

Purely Hall is hosting it's first Jane Austen themed wedding. However, not everything is smooth sailing. Katherine has an attack of the nerves. From worrying their work lives and marriage won't mix to how they will combine both of their vast book collections (each has several thousands), Katherine's fears grow the closer to the wedding she gets. Can Warwick save the day?

Warwick is working on a book that has a tight deadline. Inspiration comes at a rather inopportune time- his wedding day. Dan isn't expecting to see Warwick in a writing zone an hour before his wedding, but he does. Seemingly oblivious to the time, Warwick shows no signs of stopping. Will he miss his own wedding?

Carmel Hudson has gotten the reputation of hitting on just about every man within her eyesight. But when she sets her eyes on Dan, she may have met her match. Under the guise of wanting to get horseback riding lessons for her daughter, and herself (despite being an already accomplished rider in her own right), she doesn't hide her true intentions. Numerous phone calls follow and it all comes to a head on the wedding day when Robyn walks in on an unpleasant scene.

Curl up and get ready to revisit with some of your favorite Janeits! You're in for a fun treat.

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