Little Women & Me

November 8, 2011

Little Women & Me
By: Lauren Baratz-Logsted
314 Pages

Emily's English teacher gives an assignment that changes Emily's life forever: Pick a book you love. Then list 3 things you love about it and 1 thing you would change if you could. As she re-reads the book, she is literally sucked into the book. How did she get there? Why is she there? How can she get back? And, what does she change?

Emily is the middle child and is suffering from sibling rivalry. She has a crush on the boy who likes her older sister. After informing him that her sister is with someone else, Jackson then decides to set his sights on Emily's younger sister. Well, that wasn't how it was supposed to go.

When she embarks on her English homework, her life changes. Emily must pick a book she loves and choose 3 things she likes about it. But, she also has to pick 1 thing she would change if she could. Emily chooses Little Women and sets out re-reading the book. Next thing she knows, she's no longer reading Little Women, but in the story itself.

Emily decides the reason she's there is to prevent Beth's death. She also decides that it will be her who ends up with Laurie- not Amy or Jo. But, all is not happy in the story while waiting for these to happen. Despite trying to force her way into situations, she never really feels like she belongs there.

But is she the only person who's been sucked into the book? Nope. Enter a plot twist! There are, not one, but 2 other characters in the story who were sucked into the book after criticizing it, too. Who are they? You will also see how they altered the book in a dramatic way. Once she learns what happened, Emily has a choice. She can either alter the story to suit her wants, or she can right the wrong that was done.

I loved Little Women And Me so much! This book was so creative from beginning to end. The whole idea of taking a beloved book and altering what you didn't like about it is an assignment I think English teachers should do today. Lauren Baratz-Logsted has such a talent for writing. I love how she merged the past and present so well. She didn't avoid making the obvious comparisons between the two eras, but embraced them with humor. I loved reading this book! I was sucked into it just as Emily was sucked into Little Women. Lauren Baratz-logsted is an author I will be reading more of in the future.

Rating: BUY IT!!

My Very UnFairy Tale Life

November 3, 2011

My Very UnFairy Tale Life
By: Anna Staniszewski
198 Pages
Ages 12+

Jenny is an Adventurer. She travels to different worlds helping solve their problems. However, the charm of this is loosing it's sparkle. Klarr is her worst bad guy yet. Will she fight to save the land he's taken over, or will she opt for the quiet, mundane life of your average teenager?

This isn't my usual type of book, but I was curious. The plot sounded like it could be really good. I'm glad I read it, because I enjoyed it. It was a great fantasy read that, I think, many tweens enjoy as well.

Jenny has spent the last 3 years of her life going from one different world to another. Whenever there's a problem, she's sent to solve them. But Jenny has grown tired of going from one world to another. She longs for the boring life most kids her age hate: homework, school. She would love to get some sleep, too. When she learns the lengths the Committee has gone to in order to disguise what she's doing, Jenny has reached her limit. An evil sorcerer, dressed as a clown, named Klarr has proven to be her hardest challenge. What better time to call it a day? But can she walk away? Is the life she misses everything she thinks it is?

I loved the way Anna Staniszewski wrote My Very Unfairy Tale Life. The humorous way jenny sees things was a joy to read. She got things started off right away and kept them moving until the end. I loved the sidekick character, Anythony. His sarcastic nature and food munching was funny. Jenny and Anthony were a cute pair to read about. I also loved Dr. Bradley. I would love to have someone like him in my life.

This book was a pleasant read that I strongly recommend. My bookshelf has a spot waiting for it.

Rating: Buy It/Borrow From The Library

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