Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart: How To Know For Sure You Are Saved

February 1, 2014

I realize religion may be a taboo subject for some blogs. However, this is an issue I've experienced along with many other of my readers. This is a subject that has come up within my circles of contact with others. For this reason I am sharing this book with you. I've been around numerous people who have voiced their feelings, questions, and concerns about the very subject this book tackles. If you are among those who can find peace of mind within the pages of this book, I invite you to read it. 

Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart: 
How To Know For Sure You Are Saved
By: J.D. Greear
121 Pages

This book explains to you, in very simple terms, how to know whether you have been saved or not. Sometimes doubt creeps in, and messes with your certainty. Sometimes you think you have it figured out, only to learn you don't. This book was written to replace the doubt and questions. It lets you know what the Bible means by asking Christ into your heart. While different Pastors and churches may present it in different ways, the Bible has never wavered from it's definition. 

As a Christian, I have spent plenty of time within the confines of uncertainty over whether or not I truly am saved. This is an important subject, but I would go back and forth between sure and unsure of where I will spend eternity. I knew where I wanted to go, but wasn't always sure that was where I would go. I found the Bible to be a little confusing on the subject. So, years upon years would pass with me still unsure. However, Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart: How To Know For Sure You Are Saved has been a Godsend.

J.D. Greear is no stranger to the confusion and uncertainty about the very subject he writes. The book informs you of his own path to getting the final answer- a road that travels into baptism waters 4 times. He tackles all the areas that have brought confusion for himself, and many others.So many times I felt like the author was talking about me! 

Mr. Greear doesn't write with judgement, but with understanding. Having been there in the readers shoes, he can relate to what you are feeling. He takes you by the hand and gives you the Bible's facts- no one else's. 

From navigating the doubtful times, to finding out if you have been Falsely Assured. I couldn't put this book down. So many questions of my own found answers. I not only used my eReader highlighter feature for the first time, but I got really good at it. J.D. Greear doesn't shy away from breaking down the very verses that can bring confusion. 

I hope you find peace of mind in this book, if Salvation is a subject you are wrestling with. 


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