The Shop On Blossom Street

May 25, 2011

The Shop On Blossom Street
By: Debbie MaComber
395 Pages

Summary: Lydia is a 2 time cancer survivor. Throwing caution to the wind, she rolls the dice and opens her own store. A Good Yarn is her dream come true. The store brings her 3 new friends, and 1 love. But when another cancer scare arrives, will let all of that go? Jacqueline doesn't like the woman her son married. When she learns they will be having a baby she's out to prove how good a Grandmother she will be. But, can she and her husband rekindle the love they once had? Alix had a rotten childhood. Hiding in a closet when her parents would fight, she would imagine the "perfect" Mother. One thing this mother did was knit. When Alix checks out the new yarn store on the street this memory locks her into a knitting class. Hey, if it counts towards her community service hours, better still. Carol and her husband have spent years thinking they had all the time in the world to conceive. However, once they began to try they learned they may never be able to. When Carol sees the knitting class's first project is to knit a baby blanket, Carol thinks it's a sign.

I loved this book! For awhile now my Mom has been telling me how good Debbie MaComber is. Well, she was right! This book was remarkable! I loved every minute of it. This book dealt with serious issues, but didn't drag you down by them. You got to see how the characters grew and slowly changed throughout the obstacles each had to endure. From cancer, to infertility, to scarring childhoods, jealousy, and loneliness. Debbie MaComber tackled them all through her characters.

My mom described this book- and author, for that matter- best when she said it was cozy and it was like a chocolate chip cookie. Thoroughly enjoyable, warm, and delightful.

Rating: Buy It/ Borrow From The Library


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