A Wedding To Die For

May 5, 2011

A Wedding To Die For
By: Leann Sweeney
261 Pages

Megan Beadford has one request before she gets married: she wants to meet her birth mother. She hires Abby to find her, but all Abby finds is a whole lot of nothing. However, things change when Megan's wedding reception becomes the site of her father's murder. Once Abby does a little digging, she finds a treasure trove of secrets that link a family together. But can Abby find Megan's birth mother as well as her father's murderer?

Leann Sweeney has hit another ball out of the park with this book. #2 in The Yellow Rose Mystery series, I loved this one as much as the others I've already read. Sweeney is great at writing a fun to read light mystery. One of the things I've come to love are the fun sayings Leann includes in her books. A personal favorite: "Well, slap me naked and sell my clothes." (page75) I look forward to those almost as mucha s the story she's about to tell.

I loved following Abby on her newest mission. It was like I was there as Abby uncovers the truth behind Megan's birth certificate. When Abby went to Jamaica, I was right there. I love that Leann Sweeney doesn't dwell on details that would slow the story down, but still lets you know everything you need to know about those details.

Another great thing about Leann's writing is that she's good at throwing little twists at you. In this case, the adoption story takes a different direction when Abby and Megan get ahold of the real birth certificate. It was like I was the clerk handing over the paper that shook both and unlocked the door to answers.

Rating: Buy It/Borrow From The Library


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