Journey Through The Classics Update!

September 14, 2010

A big reason I wanted to read this book was wanting to see how close the book was to a movie made of it. In the 1990s the movie "Clueless" was made as a modern day adaptation to the beloved book. As happens with many adaptations, things tend to get lost in the translation, and I wanted to see if this pairing was going to be another example of that. It wasn't. The book and the movie were pretty darn close! More over, both were great!

Once I started reading Emma, I didn't want to stop. I remember reading it in far less time than I expected to. My husband was home from work, so I've no doubt that's why. I was just enthralled with the story. I thoroughly loved reading to see how much the book and movie had in common.

Emma was the girl who took people under her wing in the thought of knowing what was best for them. In some cases she was right. She took excellent care of her Father. Some she was off... way off. When she befriends Harriet, she decides to find her new friend a husband. In the end, the match was not made and love was almost missed out on by everyone involved.

As enchanting as Emma was, I do have to say I wasn't expecting her to treat Harriet in the way she did towards the end of the book. Other than that, I loved the book.


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