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April 6, 2011

So, one of my favorite authors released a book yesterday. Since her work has been hit or miss the last few years, I didn't want to buy the book without knowing I'd like it. Instead, I planned on getting it from the library. According to the library website my branch was going to have 2 copies. I had every intention of getting one of them.

Tuesday morning: I make my way over to my library. I pull in to the parking lot and notice there's plenty of cars in it. Hopefully none of them came for what I did. I walk up to the doors and am rendered stupid when they don't open. What the heck?! Why aren't the opening? After several tries, they won't budge. I glance at the hours and realize they didn't open until 11am on Tuesdays. Oh! Well, fine. I'll be back!!!! (Never mind the people sitting in their cars getting a good chuckle out of this sight.)

11am: I arrive a few minutes early. As I walk up to the small crowd the doors open. Ha!! In my not so very nice and polite manner, I walk ahead of people to the new release section. I scour the tables and find.... NOTHING!!! Where the heck are they stashing this book?! When I do several looks and still don't see my book, I resort to checking the computers. Being Acquired By Library is what it tells me. In other words, they don't have it yet! DAMN!! I thought it said that because the book hadn't been released yet. DAMN!

Note to self: slow down while reading things that of importance. I put a hold on it and was 5th in line yesterday afternoon. By last night i was #1 line, so it could be ready for me any minute now!

I'm hoping the book is worth all this. My family got a big kick out this incident, so there's that at least. To the senior citizens I may have cut off in my attempt to accomplish my task, I apologize.


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