Reality Jane

October 31, 2011

Reality Jane
By: Shannon Nering
259 Pages

Summary: Jane moves from Canada to LA to work as a Producer on reality television. See how this Canadian transplant deals with the backstabbing nature of LA, interacts with the men she meets, and handles landing the "dream job" she desperately wanted.

If you have ever wondered what it's like behind the scenes of reality shows, you're about to get a front row seat. Jane starts working on a reality show called The Purrfect Life and finds out why she needed to report to work right away. The star of the show is less than nice, polite, & cooperative. Jane also gets a hard lesson in friendship dynamics in the work place. Not to mention trying to navigate dating in La-La land.

But everything changes when she applies for her  "dream job" on Fix Your Life. The show she thought she was going to be working for turns out to be anything but. Reality brings a cold hard slap on her face and Jane has to decide how long she can handle it in order to reach the goal she set for herself. Not only does she have to deal with her morals, but will she have to choose between her "dream job" and her dream guy? And will she burn bridges with real friends along the way?

Overall, the book was a fun read. This book was what really happened to the author. While names of shows have been changed, it's pretty obvious which shows they were. It was interesting to see how these reality shows work. I had to hand it to Jane, I wouldn't have lasted nearly as long as she did.

Rating: Borrow From The Library


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