Carrie Goes Off The Map

December 8, 2011

Carrie Goes Off The Map
By: Phillipa Ashley
371 Pages

What's a girl to do when her fiance calls off their wedding 2 weeks prior to it? Why go on a road trip of course. What's a girl to do when her friend can't go with her at the last minute? Go with an old acquaintance who you can't stand.

Carrie was set to marry Huw. However, two weeks before their wedding, Huw informs her he can't go through with it. if she thought that news devastated her, that was nothing compared to what she would find out later. A chance meeting in the bathroom is where Carrie learns that Huw is getting married that very afternoon, to the girl who people suspect he cheated on Carrie with. so what does Carrie do? She storms over to the wedding site with every intention of letting everyone know what was done. Instead of ruining the ceremony, she settles for destroying a flower arrangement instead. But, not before a wedding guest, and former school mate, tries to stop her.

Carrie's best friend, Rowena, decides what they need is some time off. Cue the girls only road trip! However, right as their about to get in an old VW van for their adventure, Rowena informs Carrie she's been offered a role on a medical soap opera. Fear not, for Rowena has found the perfect person to escort Carrie on her much needed vacation. Matt Landon. he went to school with them years before and also happens to be the very person who tried to stop Carrie from totalling the flowers at Huw's wedding. Wanting nothing more than to say no, Carrie goes ahead out of desperation to get out of town for a bit. The two set off on their trip, though it doesn't go as planned at all. Both are trying to escape their recent pasts. They are about to go on an adventure that changes their lives. And, just maybe, love will be the souvenir they take with them when it's over.

I'm a sucker for a book where characters go on road trips. This book was fun to read. While I was looking forward to a European backdrop, I did enjoy the alternative. I loved the characters Rowena and Matt. Both of them had sarcasm I lover and spunk. This book was a fun escape.

Rating: Borrow From The Library


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