Darlings In Love

January 10, 2012

Darlings In Love
By: Melissa Kantor
317 Pages 
Natalya, Jane, & Victoria are the closest of friends. So close, in fact, they were nicknamed "The Darlings". All three are about to find out the highs and lows of love.

Natalya has a crush on Colin. He gave her the choice to be his friend or his sister's. Natalya chose to be friends with his sister, and regretted it quickly. The two are no longer friends, but Colin won't accept her apology. A chance sighting in the park gets things back on track for the two, but life is far from idealic for them. Colin drops a bomb on Natayla that changes everything: he has a girlfriend. His girlfriend happens to be one of her friends. Natalya has a choice to make: get the guy she likes and break her friend's heart,or walk away.

Jane is the theatre student who had a crush on her teacher last year. Still feeling the sting of that not ending well, Jane decides a break from acting is what she needs. Her friend Marc has other plans. Marc is directing the school's production this year and he wants Jane to be in it. She says no, but changes her mind when she meets Simon, the guy who would play opposite her. Simon and Jane hit off, but he's still haunted by his previous relationship. Is it really as in the past as he thinks?

Victoria and Jack have been together for awhile. Still, Victoria has begun to feel the resentment of doing things he likes and hanging out with his friends. When a comment he made about their relationship makes it's way to Victoria, things go from bad to worse. Can they overcome it, or is it the final straw?
I enjoyed this book. I liked spending time with these girls and getting to know them. I had a concern with the age being targeted for the books (11+) and the age the characters are (high school). I felt that maybe this book should have been meant for a little older of an audience. Still, I felt that the characters dealt with issues many readers may encounter. I got the sense this book may have been part of a series, though I don't know if it is. If it is, I wouldn't mind reading more about these 3 friends.

Rating: Borrow From Library


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