Truth Be Told

August 10, 2012

Truth Be Told
By: Larry King

For 25 years, Larry King had an iconic show. He was given the opportunity to interview numerous people who have shaped our world. He was able to get to know these people in ways you and I will most likely never get to. Ever wonder what he thought of these people? Ever wonder what memories, guests, and moments stand out for him? Here's your chance to find out.

In Truth Be Told, Larry takes you for a walk down memory lane. You'll learn that every time Jerry Seinfeld was a guest on Larry King Live, he would steal Larry's clock and never give it back. You'll learn that one of his favorite songs is Janet Jackson's "Escapade" and that she gave him suspenders with the nipples cut out. You'll learn that Barbara Streisand was a diva who was always late for taped interviews, but was worth that wait.

You'll also take a trip down more serious side streets of Larry's life. He tells you how his Dad's unexpected death of a heart attack shaped his life. Larry tells you the decision for his departure was over the tabloid content his show had. He broaches his marital trouble with his current wife. He also informs you about his health. While he's more informative on some subjects and less on others, it's still a glance into a life I had only barely known of.

He shares amazing stories about Sidney Poitier's birth, meeting the richest man in the world and how down to earth the man was. Overall, the book gives you a little insight into people you don't really know. You'll get to learn of the human side to famous personas.

It was a fun, breezy read. I enjoyed getting the inside scoop on his show. I've always been fascinated with people and it was fun to look behind what the world sees. Some things I glanced over if they weren't of any interest to me. Other subjects I was engrossed in. I loved how Larry was more interested in the person, not the persona.

Rating: Borrow From The Library


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