Until The End Of Time

March 1, 2013

Until the End of Time
By: Danielle Steel

2 couples. 2 heart warming stories. 2 examples of fate and destiny bringing people together until the end of time. With Bill and Jenny, they share a deep bond. That bond gets them through fertility, career changes, family disapproval, and a move across the country. For Bob and Lillibet, two people coming from different worlds find each other and defy the odds.

In Danielle Steel's latest book, she tells two separate stories she feels exemplifies fate bringing people together until the end of time. In the first, she brings fashion stylist, Jenny, and lawyer, Bill together. He's been unhappy in his family's law firm for awhile, but it's not until he marries Jenny that he finds the courage to leave and pursue his passion: he wants to become an Evangelical Minister. She builds a career and he gets his degree. Both want to have a child, but life has other plans. A Minister position in Wyoming is offered to Bill, but he turns it down. It takes a devastating loss for the couple to realize that is where they are meant to go.

The town welcomes both with open arms and it isn't long before they have formed a huge following within their little community. But, once again, life has other plans for the couple who vows to be together until the end of time.

Lillibet Petersen has spent every minute of her 24 years being Amish. Knowing no other life, she breaks tradition when she secretly writes a book. Fate steps in when she must run into town instead of her brothers. She comes across an abandoned book on a bench and she copies down the publisher information. Using the town's dairy as her go-between, Lillibet sends her book to Bellagio Press to consider for publishing. 

At 31, Bob Bellagio rolled the dice and opened his own publishing house. Like every other publisher, he's on the look for that one book to put his small time business among the big leagues. By chance, he notices the manuscript wrapped in clothing on his employee's desk. Curiosity leads to reading, and before long Bob knows he's found what he's looking for. 

When Lillibet finally tells her father about her book he demands she not publish it. A battle of wills ensues. Lillibet refuses to believe her father would actually shun her if she goes through with publishing her book. She finds out the hard way that he wasn't bluffing. 

I have been a fan of Danielle Steel for years. Lately, I've found her books to be hit or miss on whether they were good. Until the End of Time was good. I found myself pulled into the first story, Bill & Jenny. I was happy at every achievement, and heart broken at every loss. While I thought I would gravitate more to Bob and Lillibet's story, it wasn't my favorite. While it was good, I just felt in was incomplete in some ways. I felt their story didn't come to it's full resolution. You never see the book that was the heart of the story published.  Nor do you really get time to become emotionally attached to these characters. I would have liked to see their story developed more.

Danielle Steel weaves heartwarming stories in her latest release. Fans of hers will enjoy this book.


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