Life At The Marmont

April 30, 2013

Many of us can't afford to take the luxuriously extravagant vacations like the rich & famous. However, through Life At The Marmont, you can't be a fly on the wall inside one of their favorite hangouts. You'll read how the hotel started out and became one of the most sought after places for those with the means.

This book was a fascinating read. The authors not only give you the history of the hotel itself, but they also introduce you to some of the workers who made a lasting impression on the guests. You'll see how the building went from the original luxury apartments for lease to the popular hotel stay- and what the Olympics had to do with it.

Of course, no book on a hotel that services the rich and famous would be complete without some dishy details. And of those, there are many. Who stayed there? Who had secret rendezvous there? You are going to love reading all the stories that chart Hollywood from the 1930s to now. 

This book would be a great read for the beach or poolside. Soak in the sun while you soak up the details of a LA legend.


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