Accidental Cowgirl: A Loveswept Contemporary Romance by Maggie McGinnis

November 11, 2013

First of all, WOW this was an amazing book! Such a perfect read and definitely one I can see myself re-reading! Maggie has a way of bringing you into the storyline and also with the characters...She makes it so relatable where I could feel and imagine how the characters feel! I couldn't put it down!

Who wouldn't like going into the country on vacation, meeting a charming and handsome cowboy, while enjoying some major eye candy, and falling in love?

Kyla Bennett is a newly un-engaged girl who is whisked away to Whisper Creek by her friends so they can vacation. Coming from Boston, they wanted to get the full experience of a ranch life: horses, walks, hikes, and making some unique sounding food concoctions! Let's just say, on one hike gone wrong they end up in a mud pit! I was rolling in laughter at this, I wanted to jump along in with them! A free version of getting a mud bath at a spa! At the same time unfortunately, Kyla is harboring a lot of baggage and she isn't ready to rehash those feelings.

Then there is Decker Driscoll who is home for the summer season trying to help his family's farm. With his father's recent passing, the family owes some people a lot of money. Coming from LA, and being business oriented that he is, he's trying to think of ways to keep the farm in the family! At the same time, Decker also has a past and feelings which still haunt him.

With a couple hiccups along the way, Kyla and Decker find themselves helping one another in more ways than one. This was a heartfelt romance and I'm about ready to fly into the country to see if I can find a cowboy myself! I can't wait to read more stories by Maggie!


Unknown on November 12, 2013 at 8:45 AM said...

Debbie - Thanks for the fantabulous review!!

And psst - there are new cowboys at Whisper Creek! Maybe even the perfect one for you! :)

Thanks again for your sweet review!!
~ Maggie

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