Murder at Honeychurch Hall by Hannah Dennison

June 8, 2014

I haven't read a good mystery in a long time and this book definitely hit the spot! With each character in each scene, I was captivated by who they were and what they brought to the story. I found myself reading one chapter after another just to find out what happens!

Kat Stanford, a former TV star, is all set to launch a new career as the proprietor of an antique toy store. During this time, she discovers that her mother, Iris, has purchased a run down carriage house located on the estate of Honeychurch hall. Kat lives in London, hundreds of miles away, and promised her dad before he passed away that he would take care of her. Kat knows what she has to do and drops her things to go see her mom and convince her to return home. On Kat's ride into town, she meets a woman named Gayla who is waiting for a taxi. While looking paranoid to death, Kat promises she will call a taxi just when she gets to the carriage house. However, when Kat wakes up the next morning and Gayla is rumored to be missing since her luggage was found left behind, everyone is worried. Things get more complicated when the nanny turns up dead! Who is to blame? Where should they start looking? What other secrets are unearthed on their mission to resolve this murder? 

Murder, suspense, and plot twists are great words to describe this book! I look forward to reading the next book in written by Hannah Dennison! A must read by any mystery lover!


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